Apple Adds Sensitive Content Warning in macOS Sonoma

Apple introduced us to macOS Sonoma at WWDC 2023, with features such as desktop widgets, updated screen savers, and enhanced gaming capabilities. However, one of the newest features of the software update was left out of the annual conference.

In a recent press release, Apple announced an upcoming feature in macOS Sonoma that aims to enhance user privacy and provide a safer online experience. With the new sensitive content warning feature, users will receive alerts when macOS detects potentially explicit or sensitive photos or videos, giving them the choice to view or blur the content.

The primary objective of this feature is to protect users from inadvertently encountering NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. Whenever a user receives a photo or video that triggers the detection system, a sensitive content warning will automatically appear, prompting the user to confirm whether they wish to proceed with viewing the material.

A blurred warning screen will appear for users with the sensitive content warning feature turned on. | Apple

To ensure user privacy, Apple emphasizes that the detection system will be performed locally on the device, meaning that no images or videos will be accessed or analyzed by Apple.

Despite Apple’s assurances, some users have still raised concerns over Apple devices being able to access sensitive user content. They believe that the content warning system could potentially be misused by Apple and violate user privacy, or it could even become an effective target for hackers looking to identify sensitive user content.

Initially, the sensitive content warning feature will be implemented in the Messages app, securing communication channels and providing a safer environment for users. However, Apple has plans to expand the feature’s integration into other areas of the operating system, including the systemwide photo picker and eventually third-party applications.

macOS Sonoma will be released in late-2023, although the public beta version will be released in July 2023.


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