How to Fix “No Servers Found” Error in Apex Legends PC?

The “no servers found” error appears when the game application cannot connect to the servers. The error often arises due to down servers. However, slow internet and improper network settings can also trigger this issue.

Apex Legends No server found Error
How to Fix No Servers Found Error in Apex Legends

Below are the most common reason that can trigger Error: no servers found:-

  • Incorrect or Slow Network Settings- Corrupted network adapters, incorrect network settings, and even using an unsupported VPN can cause the Error: no servers found. Having a slow or unresponsive internet connection is also included.
  • Outdated Game Application- It has been observed that this error appears on the screen when there is a game update available for apex legends.
  • Servers Under Maintenence- Typically, the error is related to the game servers, and it occurs when the servers are down or under maintenance. To fix this, you can wait till the servers are back online.

Let’s jump right into the solutions.

1. Check Server Status

We recommend checking the server status because sometimes it happens when the servers are not stable and under maintenance, so before making any changes to your system, ensure that the servers are not down.

To check the server status, go to the Apex legend’s help center and check for the server stability. If the servers are down, there is nothing you can do from your side except wait until the servers get stable. You can also proceed to the next solution if the problem is not related to the servers.

2. Ensure Stable Internet Connection

Every game requires a stable internet connection to maintain the game stability. An unstable internet connection could cause the Error: no servers found in Apex Legends.

  1. To check your internet connection, open your browser and search for Speed Test
  2. Open the first link and check your connection speed
  3. Note: If your internet speed is less than 1MB, the problem is coming from your side. You can proceed to the next solution if it is not related to your ISP.

3. Power Cycle Your Router

If your connection speed is slow, you may need to power cycle your router, which might help to resolve the problem. Power cycling is used to test the speed and durability of internet components. It is also known as resetting, which fixes internet problems, slow connection speed, and wireless issues.

Below are the steps to power cycle your router:-

  1. Unplug the power cables from the router and outlet

    Unplug You Router From Outlet
    Unplug You Router From the Outlet
  2. Wait for at least 15 seconds, then plug the router or modem back from the outlet
  3. Again wait for 1-2 minutes, then power on your router
  4. Wait until the lights turn on
  5. Now check the internet connection and launch the Apex legends to check if the error is fixed.
  6. Note: It’s always better to have an Ethernet connection instead of wireless.

4. Reset Network Settings

Slow internet speed may cause due to corrupted network adapters and incorrect DNS settings. Resetting the network will reinstall the corrupted adapters and set the current network settings to default.

Follow the steps to reset network settings:-

  1. Open Settings by pressing the Windows + I keys at the same time
  2. Navigate to Network & Internet
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click Network reset

    Click Network Reset
    Click Network Reset
  4. Now click Reset now to reset network settings

    Resetting the Network Settings
    Resetting the Network Settings
  5. Once it is finished, check for Error: no servers found.

5. Port Forwarding

Ports are used to connect the computer to the server. The computer system blocks some ports, and it might cause connectivity issues during the communication with the game server. You can unblock ports by adding them to your computer network settings. Port Forwarding is helpful if you use official EA/Apex Legend Ports.

Below are the steps to do Port Forwarding on Windows:-

  1. Click Start Menu and type Control Panel
  2. Open the control panel and navigate to System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall
  3. Click Advanced Settings from the left

    Open Advanced Settings
    Open Advanced Settings
  4. Right-click Inbound Rules from the left pane and select New Rule

    Click New Rule
    Click New Rule
  5. Select Port and press Next

    Select Rule Type
    Select Rule Type
  6. Select Protocol Type and insert the following Ports one by one to check which one is blocked
    80, 443, 9960-9969, 1024-1124, 3216, 18000, 18120, 18060, 27900, 28910, 29900
    1024-1124, 18000, 29900, 37000-40000
    Adding Port Number
    Adding Port Number
  7. Click on Allow Connection and press Next

    Allow Connection
    Allow Connection
  8. Enter rule name then click Finish

    Enter the Rule Name
    Enter the Rule Name
  9. Once you finish, check if the error persists.

6. Close High Bandwith Application

Another reason you face the no server found error is that too high bandwidth applications are running in the background, which might prevent the game from running correctly.

To close unnecessary applications, right-click the taskbar from the bottom and select Task Manager

  1. Now click the Network tab from the top right
  2. Right-click the application using the high bandwidth of your network and click the End Task button from the bottom right

    Close High Bandwidth Consuming Application
    Close High Bandwidth Consuming Application
  3. Once done, check if the error persists.

7. Update Network Adapters

Corrupted, missing, and outdated network adapters are the common culprits for slow internet speed. There is a chance that the current network driver is developed for the previous version of the Windows update and might be the culprit for this issue. You can fix connection problems by updating the driver or either Windows.

  1. To update your network adapters, right-click the Start Menu, and select Device Manager

    Open Device Manager
    Open Device Manager
  2. Find network adapters and right-click on it
  3. Select Update Driver from the listed options

    Update Network Driver
    Update Network Driver
  4. Click Search Automatically for Driver and install the latest network adapters.

    Search Automatically For Drivers
    Search Automatically For Drivers

8. Run the Game as Administrator

Running a program as an administrator privilege will give the full authority to make changes to the system; besides, it will prevent the other problems on your Windows. If you are still experiencing the issue, you can run the Apex Legends as an administrator privilege.

  1. To run the game as an administrator, right-click on the Apex Legends and select Run as Administrator from the list of options

    Run Apex Legends as Administrator
    Run Apex Legends as Administrator
  2. Now check for the Error: no servers found. If the error is resolved, then right-click on the launcher and select Properties
  3. Go to the Compatibility tab, and tick the options named Run this Program as an Administrator.

    Change Combability settings
    Change Combability settings

9. Use Reliable VPN

If too many players are online simultaneously, it may overload the server. You can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to use the different regions where you can play Apex Legends. However, VPN can potentially help choose other regions, but it increases input lag and ping delays. So if the error gets resolved after installing VPN, then there is a server issue that will determine as soon as possible. There are many suitable VPN applications available on the internet, you can download one of them.

10. Use Hotspot

If the servers are working correctly and you have applied all the above solutions, but the error is still occurring, you may need a Hotspot to ensure that your internet is working fine. Your game will load slowly, but you will understand the problem and why you face the Error: no servers found.

  1. To use the Hotspot, go to the mobile settings and navigate to Network & Internet

    Navigate to Network Settings
    Navigate to Network Settings


  2. Turn on Hotspot & Tethering

    Turn on Hotspot
    Turn on Hotspot


  3. Now connect your computer with the Hotspot. You can also use USB Tethering. For that, just connect your mobile with the computer through Data Cable or Type C and turn on the option called USB Tethering.
  4. Once you are connected to the internet, launch the Apex Legends to check if the error persists.

If the error did not resolve yet, we recommend submitting your report to Apex legend’s help center. While waiting for the response, you can read more articles on server errors


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