Apex Legends: Breakout Introduces Massive Updates

Electronic Arts has announced several updates for Apex Legends in the upcoming Breakout season. The popular Battle Royale game is set to undergo significant changes to deliver a fresh experience for players.

Legend Upgrades: Customize Your Legend In-Match

Breakout introduces Legend Upgrades, a new in-match progression system allowing players to customize their Legends based on their playstyle. The system enhances armor and abilities, adding a strategic element to each match. The upgrades reset with every game, encouraging players to experiment with different options.

EVO points play a key role in leveling up Legends, improving armor tiers, and unlocking unique upgrades at Levels 2 and 3. The choices made will impact individual gameplay and squad strategy.

Legend Armor & Shield Cores: Permanent Upgrade System

A notable change is the removal of Body Shields as loot items. Legends will now have inherent Legend Armor that increases as they level up during the game. Shield Cores, containing shield HP, can be swapped or dropped as before. A new mechanic, Overcharge, temporarily boosts armor when picking up a higher-level Shield Core.

Ranked Reloaded: Balanced and Transparent System

Breakout brings a revamped Ranked experience with a lower level requirement, reintroduction of splits, and a high-risk high-reward system. The scoring model emphasizes eliminations over placements, with additional bonuses like the Top 5 Streak Bonus and Challenger Bonus to add excitement. Matchmaking is based on RP values.

New Mixtape Map: Thunderdome

Thunderdome, a revamped entertainment venue inspired by the first arena in Kings Canyon, is introduced for fast-paced matchups in Mixtape modes. It features three lanes for diverse gameplay experiences catering to various playstyles.

Performance Mode: Enhanced Gaming Experience

Apex Legends Breakout introduces Performance Mode, enabling 120Hz output on current-gen consoles. This option promises improved graphical settings and up to 120 FPS gameplay for a smoother experience.

Breakout Rewards: Marking 5 Years

To celebrate the fifth anniversary, Breakout introduces special rewards, including six unlocked Legends, a Reactive Top Tier Flatline, and Wraith cosmetics. Challenges completed with featured Legends will earn players these unique Breakout Rewards.

Looking Ahead to Breakout

Breakout is expected to deliver an exciting 5th Anniversary season with Legend Upgrades, Ranked Reloaded, Performance Mode, Thunderdome in Mixtape, Tags, and more surprises. Stay tuned for a breakdown of Breakout Rewards in a dedicated blog and further details on the 5th Anniversary Collection Event, scheduled for Thursday, February 8, 2024.

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