Attack On Titan: Final Season, Part 2 – The Ultimate Recap

Attack on Titan’s final season keeps us all glued to our screens with its intense drama and plot twists. However, if you are new to the “ Shingeki no Kyojin frenzy,” buckle up to learn everything that happened in the final season, part 2 of Attack on Titan, with this ultimate recap.

Before we dive into the detailed episodic recap, if you are interested to know what happened to Eren Yeager and the Devils of Paradis in Part 1 of the final season, make sure to read our in-depth Part 1 recap!

So now without further ado, here is our final season part two plot summary for the otakus to enjoy so that you can get on the AOT bandwagon knowing everything about your favorite characters in the last arc.

Attack on Titan, Final Season: The Beginning of Rumbling Arc

The Rumbling | Tenor

Part 2 of the final season revolves around Eren’s struggle to convince Ymir to end the titan curse and start the “Rumbling” against his enemies. Eren reveals his ultimate powers and lets Zeke travel through Grisha’s memories. This arc explains how Eren misguided several people including Grisha, Kruger and Zeke, to start the “Rumbling” against 1.8 billion people.

We get to know the brilliantly written time paradox by Isayama and how Eren used the abilities of the Founding and Attack titans to overcome Marley and the enemies beyond the walls. Part 2 focuses mainly on Eren’s intentions of saving the people he cares for, sacrificing humanity in pursuit of freedom, and protecting the Eldian race.

Episode 1 (Judgement)

Ymir in the “Path” | Tenor

The Judgement starts with Yeagerists capturing Hange and discovering Levi severely injured in the woods. A pure titan emerges from somewhere, distracting them and consuming Zeke. This allows Zeke to completely recover from his injuries and pursue his mission of meeting Eren. Meanwhile, Hange takes advantage of this situation and escapes with Levi through a stormy stream.

With no choice except to let them escape, Zeke describes his vision of a mysterious girl to Floch.
According to Zeke, he saw this mysterious girl at a place called ” the path“. On the other hand, The Marleyan troops continue their invasion of the Shiganshina District. Soldiers like Porco Galliard, Pieck Finger and Gabi Braun successfully escape Eren Yeager and meet up with General Magath.

Gabi Braun | Tenor

Gabi Braun then shares an essential information with Magath informing him about Eren and Zeke’s plan to unite and make contact. The Marleyan force now makes a new objective to stop the two brothers from making contact and start a massive battle against Eren Yeager.

General Theo Magath also brings a fleet of airships and soldiers to help Marleyan warriors escape Paradis and defeat the Yeager brothers. Marley forces use Peick’s Cart titan as a mobile artillery platform to defeat the Founding Titan. However, Eren tries his best to unite with Zeke Yeager to fully activate the powers of the Founding Titan.

“Talk To Us! We’re Always Going To Be Together! Please, Don’t Go Any Further From Us Than You Already Have!”

Armin Arlert

Eren also takes help from the Yeagrists to beat Marleyans, while the Volunteers fear that he might get eaten by his enemies. The volunteers are seen to be imprisoned inside their own military headquarters by the Yeagrists. Meanwhile, Armin tries to come up with explanations for Eren’s alliance with Yelena.

Episode 2 (Sneak Attack)

Gabi Shooting Eren | Tenor

The second episode showcases the epic teamwork of Marley’s forces to stop Eren from contacting Zeke. However, the protagonist gets a reprieve from his brother’s timely arrival at Wall Maria. On the other hand, the volunteers get freed after some coercion to defend Paradis Island. Pieck’s Cart Titan using the artillery by Magath, knocks off Zeke’s Beast titan.

In the next scene, Falco Grice and the previously exposed soldiers leave the headquarters and spot his brother Colt Grice. In this situation, Gabi realizes there are no devils on the island and no particular good side to take. Its people and their actions against one another caused this catastrophe.

Falco Confessing his love to Gabi | DeviantArt

She quickly apologizes to Falco for getting him into this madness, which leads Falco to confess his feelings for her. The confession comes due to the pressure of converting into a titan any time soon.
On hearing about the spinal fluid, Colt rushes his brother to Zeke, begging him to let his brother be safe from his radius. Colt hopes Zeke will not scream if he learns that Falco is among the afflicted ones.

Episode 3 (Two Brothers)

Colt & Falco Grice | DeviantArt

In the third episode, Colt Grice begs Zeke Yeager to not scream and show mercy to the people he once fought with. He begs him to let Falco go out of his range and not to transform him into a pure titan. Zeke understands Colt’s concerns for his brother Falco and likes that Colt cares for his little brother just as he does for Eren. However, at that very moment, Zeke defends his brother, shattering Colt’s hope.

Unfortunately, Zeke prefers his brother’s life above Falco’s and Colt’s. He screams and transforms Falco into a pure titan along with other Survey Corps members. This transformation kills Colt, who sticked with his brother until the very end, only to die. The transformed titans begin to attack and invade the Marleyan forces. Zeke then controls the newly converted Falco to defeat Reiner Braun and save Eren.

Two Brothers | Tenor

Theo Magath uses his artillery crew to shoot down Zeke through the nape. Still, Zeke outsmarts him by playing dead and allowing his beast titan’s shell to give him cover until it’s dissolved. Eren quickly realizes this and traps Reiner by grabbing him and using his hardening powers. Eren successfully hardens his nape and leaves his titan form to dissolve, only to run on foot to join his brother Zeke.

At this moment, we see Gabi Braun, having a high caliber anti titan rifle, shoots Eren and decapitates him. This leads to the next scene, where Eren wakes in the Paths with Zeke. He explains to Eren that the paths are a place where the royal family would command Ymir to do the bidding of the titan power. Eren quickly refuses to go along with Zeke’s plan of Eldian Euthanization, causing Zeke to vow to use Ymir’s powers to force Eren to see his perspective.

Episode 4 (Memories of the Future)

Eren to Grisha | Tenor

The Yeager brothers travel through the memories of their father in an attempt to show Eren that Grisha, their father was a horrible man and he only cared for his mission rather than his son. Zeke tries to convince Eren that Grisha used him as a tool only to get closer to the motive of restoring Eldia.

However, we later see Zeke realize that Grisha gave Eren the freedom Zeke lacked when he was a child. He sees that Eren was always determined and willing to fight for his goals and was not a tool of their father. His determination and willingness are something that he was born with, unlike Zeke. We also see that Grisha never forgot about Zeke and remembers him time to time.

Baby Eren | Reddit

They also see Grisha’s confrontation with Frieda Reiss in the underground chapel when Wall Maria fell. Due to her vow to renounce war, Frida refuses to save the people of Wall Maria. She supports the idea of Eldians atoning for their ancestors’ crimes and assaults against Marley and other nations.

“If someone is willing to take my freedom… I won’t hesitate to take theirs. Our father never made me that way. It’s who I’ve been since the time I was born.”

Eren Yeager

Grisha reveals he was led here by the future memories he received from the Attack titan. He plans to kill her to gain control of the Founding Titan and end the royal bloodline. However, regardless of his intentions to obtain the Founding Titan, Grisha falters to attack as he does not want to kill innocent children. This is where Eren intervenes and uses his manipulation against Grisha to convince him to go ahead and kill the royal family.

Grisha Apologizing to Zeke | YouTube

Due to the influence of future memories and Eren’s continued manipulation Grisha kills the Royal Family and obtains the Founding titan. Later under indescribable pain and guilt, he apologizes to Zeke and accepts he was a terrible father. He also requests Zeke to stop Eren.

Episode 5 (From You, 2,000 Years Ago)

Ymir Crying | Tenor

This Episode starts with Zeke being pushed out of Grisha’s memories after knowing Eren’s complete plan. He realizes how Eren manipulated their father into obtaining the Founding Titan ending the Royal family. But with that, he quickly notices that Eren’s abilities have limitations and orders Ymir to remove the power of all Eldians to reproduce. Eren, seeing Ymir moving towards following this command, breaks free of his chains to chase after her. As soon as he approaches her, he learns about her past life.

Ymir, The Founder | Greenscene

We get to know Ymir’s story, how she was enslaved as a child and was hunted for sport. This hunting led her to come into contact with a mysterious creature that lent her the powers of titans. Later the leader of the tribe used her as a weapon and expanded his borders, attacking Marley with Ymir’s titan power.

Later the tribal leader married Ymir and had three daughters. Ymir died saving this leader from an assassination attempt. He then ordered his daughters to consume their mother’s flesh to preserve the Titan’s power within the bloodline.

You must have been waiting… all this time… Since two thousand years ago – for someone.

Eren Yeager to Ymir Fritz

Eren understands her pain and tells her she does not have to follow anyone’s command; she is not a slave or a god; she is a human with a choice. This convinces Ymir to not follow Zeke’s command of removing the ability to reproduce from the Eldians. In response, the Walls of Paradis come down in the real world, and the “Rumbling” begins.

Episode 6 (Thaw)

Annie in the Final Season | Tenor

As Eren march to trample the world, Armin, Mikasa and Jean gets busy defeating the pure titans transformed by Zeke. Meanwhile, Conny Springer escapes with Falco, unconscious, intending to feed him to his mother to make her a human again.

Gabi saves Kaya from Titans and the rift between the girls starts to fade away. The Braus Family then take Gabi to meet Mikasa and Armin, where she explains that she wants to find Falco and leave for Marley. But she then gets shocked after knowing Conny’s plan of feeding Falco to his mother.

Conny Springer | Tenor

Gabi pleads with the remaining Survey Corp members to help her convince Eren not to kill people outside the walls. She also indicates the specific targeting done by Eren to undo the hardening of the Armored Titan. Armin quickly realizes that this means Annie is now free from her hardening shell, and he might find her in the basement.

Episode 7 (Sunset)

Conny to Falco | Tenor

Hitch Dreyse, a Survey Corps member, accidentally reunites with Annie Leonhart after the undoing of hardening. She helps Annie escape the Trost District ruins following the march of the wall titans. This episode showcases Annie’s complex feelings, how she got this far, and her new goal of reuniting with her father. On the other side of the sea, Mr. Leonhart faces problems with other Eldians in Liberio’s Internment Zone. He tries to convince the guards of the rumbling, only to be ignored by them.

Annie in Attack on Titan | Tenor

Armin and Gabi try their best to catch Connie before he sacrifices Falco for his mother. Floch starts gaining more control over the remains of the military of Paradis. His reason to do is Eren Yeager’s plan of giving the Eldians the glory they deserve. Outside the Shiganshina District, Hange meets Peick and Magath to make an alliance.

Episode 8 (Pride)

Floch Forster | Tenor

Hange and Levi agree with Magath and Peick to work together and stop Eren. On the other hand, Armin tries to save Falco Grice from Conny and his mother. Conny drops Falco after realizing Armin’s willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of Conny’s mother and to resolve a growing conflict. This initiates the reconciliation between the two friends, and Conny becomes a soldier that his mother would be proud of. Floch begins the execution of Yelena and Onyankopon.

Levi Ackerman | Tenor

Onyankopon then tries to make Jean understand their situation. This leads Jean to take out his gun and fire four times. This firing turns out to be a signal. The Cart Titan intervenes and escapes after snatching Jean, Onyakopon and Yelena in its mouth. The Yeagrist soldiers get distracted by the Cart Titan, letting Armin and his group members escape as well.

Episode 9 (Night of the End)

Magath VS Yelena | Tenor

The people under the Alliance between Hange and Magath share a campfire being suspicious of each other. This is where Annie starts to showcase her skepticism that Erem Yeager’s friends will be able to kill him if things go violent and diplomacy fails.
This gives Yelena the edge to manipulate the alliance, only to fail when she brings up the death of Marco Bodt. Reiner takes the responsibility of killing Marco, but Jean snubs his feelings of guilt and stops him from sharing how awful Reiner feels about himself.

Jean begins to beat down Reiner but accidentally hits Gabi Braun, who tries to protect her cousin. Gabi now understands how people of Paradis have a reason to hate the warriors and Marley. Gabi pleads with Jean to help her in saving her family in Liberio. Jean agrees, which leads the group to head towards the port, where they expect to find a flying boat to use to chase Eren and the Wall Titans.

Episode 10 (Traitor)

Floch, The Yeagrist | Tenor

The combined forces plan to escape Paradis on a flying boat kept in the Yeagrists occupation.
This is where they plan to protect the boat from destruction and rescue the Azumabito family. Armin and Connie try to give a peaceful deception indicating they want to chase the Cart and Armored titans, only to get caught by Floch when he decides to destroy the Azumabito.

This leads the forces into a battle with the Yeagrists. Reiner and Annie use their titan powers to fight them, and Mikasa reaches the basement to rescue the Azumabito family. Conny is forced to kill his comrades Daz and Samuel to protect Armin’s life and the boat from getting destroyed.

Episode 11 (Retrospective)

Keith X Magath | Tenor

The combined gets to know that the flying boat will require a minimum of half a day to take off; Magath agrees to take the ship to the port and tow the Azumabito with them to Odiha, where Kiyomi has her family hanger. They agree to this law due to Odiha’s distance from the rumbling and how they can arrive there before the rumbling to save people and stop Eren.

We also get to see Falco’s first-ever transformation as the Jaw Titan. Seeing the rampage of Falco’s titan, Magath requests Onyakopon to set sail, leaving him behind. He then meets Keith Sadies and captures a Marley cruiser capable of catching up to the Azumabito ship. Both of them exchange words and give mutual respect to each other before blowing the ship and sinking it into the sea.

Episode 12 (The Dawn of Humanity)

The Rumbling Begins | Tenor

This Episode is about Mikasa and how she recalls the first trip of the Scout Regiment to Marley. She had joyful moments with Eren and others, such as discovering ice cream and connecting with refugees.
But these joyful memories have their fair share of disappointments and how the subjects of Ymir are treated in Marley. The Subjects of the Ymir Protection Group were not an ally, and it turned out it was a way of mistreating Eldians.

Eren & Mikasa | Tenor

We see Eren Yeager parting his ways from Scouts and beginning to operate on his own in Marley.
He told them he followed his brother’s plan. Mikasa now wonders if she could have told him to stop, and things would have turned out differently today. On the other hand, Eren recalls the events that led him to start the rumbling. His wall titans then arrive at the shore of Marley, where humanity begins to face the horrors of rumbling.

“Hear me, subjects of Ymir. My name is Eren Yeager. I’m addressing my fellow subjects of Ymir, speaking to you directly through the power of the Founder. All the Walls on the island of Paradis have crumbled to the ground and the legions of Titans buried within have begun their march. My only goal… is to protect the lives of the people of Paradis, the island where I was born. Right now, the nations of the world are united in their desire to exterminate my people and it won’t end with our island. They won’t be satisfied until every last subject of Ymir is dead. I won’t let them have their way. The Titans of the Walls will continue their march until every trace of life beyond our shores is trampled flat. And the people of Paradis… are all that remains of humanity.”

Eren Jaeger

Ending Note

Eren’s Freedom | Tenor

Attack on Titan’s final season depicts multiple themes and arcs simultaneously. Part 2 is a bittersweet portrayal of the characters in AOT and how they are all flawed in their own way. With no morally right character in the storyline, it certainly leaves an impression on its fan base on how we see the world around us.

What are your thoughts on Eren activating the Rumbling? Also, if you find Eren’s character interesting, read our character analysis on his idea of perfect freedom!


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