Android 14 to Come with Satellite Communication for Google Messages

According to a leak on Twitter, Google is working on adding support for satellite connectivity on its messaging app. The feature is said to debut in the upcoming Android 14 Update. According to recent rumours and this leak, this feature will support the Google Messages app in the update.

Neïl Rahmoun tweeted the possibility of this feature on his Twitter account where he shared an interface regarding emergency communication in the Google Messages app. According to Neil, the feature will require satellite connectivity to work. According to popular Android Developer Mishaal Rahman, the API for this feature is not available yet so other apps may not be able to utilize this feature

Satellite Connectivity Will Not Replace Cellular Network

The fact that Google Messages now has satellite connectivity suggests that many more Android devices may gain this capability in the not-too-distant future. This is exciting news if you’ve been hoping Android would add something like this. In case you were wondering, this new function will allow users to communicate via text message using satellite connectivity. The feature is intended to supplement the cellular network rather than serve as a replacement if the latter becomes incapacitated for any reason or the user moves to a location with poor signal strength.

When Android 14 is released, Google Messages, along with other apps that are compatible with satellite connectivity, will gain this option. You’ll have to wait for Android 14 to see this feature, and it won’t be widely available until APIs are made available to original equipment manufacturers and other messaging app developers.

It is speculated that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 series both have the necessary components for establishing satellite connections. A substantial firmware upgrade, however, is required to allow satellite communication.

It’s worth noting that software aid for satellite communication isn’t the only kind available. In order to use the feature, it is necessary for mobiles to have hardware that is compatible with it. Only the iPhone 14 series has official support for satellite communication, but many Android smartphones are likely to get this feature in the coming year. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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