Aleo Could be the New Ethereum, Offers GPU-Mining At a Budget

Cryptocurrency miners could have discovered a new coin to mine with their worthless GPUs, encouraging GPU purchases and the development of a new line of motherboards based on an outdated chipset. Aleo is a brand-new cryptocurrency that is now in testnet phase 3. It has attracted attention from cryptocurrency miners and is supposedly extremely near to its main net debut. 

The currency is presently being mined by up to 14,000 nodes, according to a recent tweet from the official Aleo account. There are also 20 million proofs per second, which is a 1000 times increase from the testnet 2 phase. On the other hand, Aleo differs from other cryptocurrencies in that it doesn’t simply rely on high-end graphics cards; you can also mine Aleo using a CPU since the algorithm relies in part on processor speed, which plays a role in the mining process. Therefore, miners must identify the ideal CPU and graphics card pairing.

The Crypto Coin Aleo is Designed to Facilitate Low-Spec Miners as Well

According to the Aleo GitHub page, a CPU with 16 cores, 16GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a network connection with upload and download rates of 10 Mbps are the absolute minimum requirements for an Aleo miner. The developers advise a CPU with 32 cores and 32GB of memory, but they need to specify which factor is more critical: clock rates or the total number of cores. However, the article notes that competitive miners will likely require greater capacity than the suggested hardware. 

Aleo is currently in the testnet phase. Therefore the ideal CPU and graphics card pairing still needs to be discovered. However, the most common setup in the current mining community, according to Twitter user I_Leak_VN, comprises last-generation GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards from NVIDIA and outdated Xeon E5 CPUs from Intel. The tipster supplied a short table showing Aleo’s purported graphics card mining power, but as the source of information is unknown, it should be treated with caution:

Graphics CardPerformance
GeForce RTX 30901,050M
GeForce RTX 3080 Ti1,030M
GeForce RTX 3080940M
GeForce RTX 3070780M
GeForce RTX 3060 Ti640M
GeForce RTX 3060480M
GeForce GTX 1660 Super170M

The most widely used cryptocurrencies heavily rely on graphics card power, and miners often build their mining rigs using dirt-cheap choices like Celeron or Pentium CPUs. Aleo still needs a graphics card, thus, this suggests that the number of processing cores may be fairly helpful.

Shenzhen AngXun Technology, a Chinese motherboard provider, has grasped the chance to introduce new LGA2011 motherboards for mining Aleo. Three X99 motherboards have been created by the company, according to a report from Minernav. The E5-ALEO-IDC can store up to 512GB of memory, two Xeon E5 CPUs, and six graphics cards. 

There is no assurance that Aleo will succeed, just as with any other cryptocurrency. Last year, the Chia currency was the topic of much discussion, and it eventually led to a hard drive scarcity.. To meet the demands of miners who were mining Chia coins, hard drive makers Western Digital and Seagate were glad to enhance hard drive output. Eventually, the craze wore off, and the Chia currency never gained traction. The simplicity of mining Aleo implies that it may prosper immediately, but only time will tell how profitable the currency will be.

Source: Tom’s Hardware 


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