Sony Announces Alan Wake II Release Date, Coming October 17

The highly anticipated sequel to Remedy Entertainment’s award-winning psychological thriller Alan Wake (2010) and Alan Wake Remastered (2021) is a survival horror game with an intense atmosphere and a twisted, deep, psychological tale.

PlayStation has released the official trailer for the sequel to the survival horror game Alan Wake. The teaser reveals some additional information about the game’s plot by showing an FBI agent looking into a case.

FBI Agent in Alan Wake II | PlayStation

The game’s release date was also announced by Sony after the trailer. The game is scheduled for release on October 17, 2023, which is consistent with information leaked by the voice actor, who mentioned a release date in October to sources.

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Never played Alan Wake before, not even the remastered version? Don’t worry if you missed the first game in the series; you can go right into the sequel without missing out on anything. The game is easily accessible to new players without alienating from the story.

John Wick | PlayStation

Making the gameplay difficult for seasoned players while remaining intuitive for newcomers who just want to focus on the game’s intricate tale was another major goal for the developers.

PlayStation noted in its blog:

As the name suggests, the game is centered around horror writer Alan Wake. Today, in addition to sharing the release date, we’re also very excited to introduce a co-leading protagonist and second playable character: Saga Anderson.

Remedy’s marketing of Alan Wake 2 as the studio’s “first survival horror game” reads like a subtle jab at the original game. It appears like Remedy is holding back some important information since they believe they have something special on their hands.

The sequel to Alan Wake was revealed during the Game Awards in 2021. Since Epic Games is the publisher, the PC version will be unique to the Epic Games Store and will not be available on Steam.

Sam Lake, of Remedy Entertainment, stated on Twitter that original voice actor Matthew Porreta and original live-action actor Illkka Villi would return for Alan Wake 2.


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