How to Add, Remove, Manage and Assign Roles in Discord?

Role in discord is one of the greatest features that most other similar applications are missing. It can be helpful for managing a server or for using a fun color for your names. There are many things one can do with roles in the discord servers. This method will cover all the possible things users can do by using roles on their servers.

Add, Remove, Manage and Assign Roles in Discord
Add, Remove, Manage and Assign Roles in Discord

Before you continue with the below methods, make sure you have a server already on discord. If you don’t have a server, then you can easily create a new discord server. Also, if you already have a server, make sure you have the admin rights to configure server settings. In the below methods, you will learn about how to create, assign, edit, set permissions, and auto-assign roles in the discord server.

Creating New Roles in Discord Server

The first thing you need to do about roles is to create them on your server. Roles help both the administrators and members to use the server more efficiently. You can create different types of rules with different names depending on your choice. The members of the server will show in the online section only if they don’t have any role. You can create roles in the server’s settings as shown in the below steps:

  1. Open your discord through the application or in the browser and log in to your account.
  2. Select the server in the left pane where all server’s icons are located. Now click on the server’s name and select Server Settings in the context menu.
    Opening server’s settings
  3. Select the Roles in the left pane and click on the Create Role button.
    Creating a new role
  4. Now type a new role name and assign a color of your choice to that specific role.
    Setting role name and color
  5. In the next step, you can select what kind of role permission this role should have. You can also skip it and set it later.
  6. You can also add users to this role while creating or skip it and add them later.
    Additional settings for the new role
  7. Now the role will be listed in the Roles section of server settings.

Removing Roles in Discord Server

Removing a role is as simple as creating one. You just need to navigate to the settings of the role in the discord server. The only roles you can remove are the ones that are lower than your role. If you are a moderator and there is another role above you, then you cannot remove that role unless you are the owner of the server. Check the below steps to get an idea:

  1. Open your discord and head over to your server. Click on the server’s name and choose the Server Settings option.
    Opening server’s settings
  2. Click on the Roles in the left pane. Now click on the More icon (three dots) for any role and choose the Delete option.
    Removing role
  3. Confirm the action by clicking on the Okay button for confirming the message. The role will be deleted from your discord server.

Assigning a Role to Member

You must have a role before you assign it to any member on discord. If you are not the owner of the server, but have admin rights, then you can only assign roles that are lower than your role. There are several different ways to assign roles as shown in the below steps:

  1. Open your discord application on your system. Select your server where you want to assign roles.
  2. Click on the server’s name and select the Server settings option.
    Opening server’s settings
  3. Now select the Members option under User Management. Search for the member, click on the plus icon in front of their name, and choose the Role you want to assign them.
    Assigning a role to a member
  4. Another way is to simply search for the user in the server’s member list on the right side. Right-click on the user, choose the Roles and then tick the role you want to assign.
    Assigning role from the members list

Editing a Role in Discord Server

You can also edit the role name in your discord server’s settings. There is also an option for displaying this role separately from others in the member list. You can also enable the mention for this role. If it is an admin role and you don’t want members to mention it, then simply disable it. Proceed with the below steps to edit any roles:

  1. Open discord and navigate to the server. Now click on the server’s name and choose Server Settings in the list.
    Opening server’s settings
  2. Click on the Roles option in the left pane. Now move the mouse over any role and click on the Edit button (pencil icon).
    Editing role
  3. In the Display tab, you can rename the role. You can also show this role separately from members and you can also enable/disable @mention for this specific role.
    Changing display settings for role

Setting Permissions for Roles

You can also set permission for specific roles on your discord server. This method helps in providing the instruction to separate admin/moderator roles from casual members. You can also use the permission for specific channels to restrict people from sending links, gifs, and many more. The @everyone and @here can also be disabled through permission for everyone except admins & moderators.

  1. Open your discord and server. Click on the server’s name at the top left corner and choose the Server Settings option.
    Opening server’s settings
  2. Now select the Roles in the left pane and click the Edit icon for any of the roles.
    Editing role
  3. Select the Permissions tab on the right pane. Here you can set permission for all kinds of available options.
  4. Some of the permissions like managing different features should only be allowed to moderators and admins.
    Configuring permission for role
  5. You can also set permission for a specific role on a specific channel. Move mouse over any text/voice channel and click on the settings icon.
    Opening settings for a specific channel
  6. Now select the permission option in the left pane and then select the role you want to set permission for. You can now set any of the permission for that specific role only in that specific channel.
    Configuring permission for a specific channel

Auto Assign Roles to New Members

There are several bots that can auto-assign roles in your discord server. Whenever a new user joins the server it will automatically assign the roles after a few minutes delay. Dyno Bot and Yagpdb are both well-known bots that have this function. In this method, we will demonstrate the steps for Dyno Bot. Dyno bot has both Autoroles and Joinable Ranks. However, if you want to react to get a role option, then you need to use the Yagpdb bot. Check the below steps and see how it works:

  1. Open your browser and go to Dyno bot’s official site. Click on the Login with Discord button at the top right corner.
    Opening Dyno site
  2. Login to your discord account that has admin rights for the discord server. Then select the server in the Dyno manage servers.
    Opening server settings in the Dyno
  3. Click on the Modules option in the left pane. Now enable the Autoroles module by clicking the toggle and click on the Settings button for that module.
    Enabling the Autoroles option
  4. Select the role that you want to give to new members and then select delay minutes for the auto-assign role. Once you are done, click on the Add button.
    Setting Autorole for new members
  5. Autorole will be added and now when new users join, they will get the role you set in the Dyno settings.

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