Intel 14th Generation Non-K CPU Specifications Leaked, 200MHz Higher Boost Clocks With No Significant Core Count Increases

A few days ago, we saw the specifications of the i9-14900K, the i7-14700K, and the i5-14600K. All 3 K-SKUs featured higher clock speeds with the i7-14700K boasting a higher core count than its predecessor. Today, reputable leaker chi11eddog has shared the specifications for the Non-K SKUs across the i3,i5,i7, and i9 families.

14th Generation Non-K CPU Specifications

The SKUs mentioned below are set to arrive in Q1 2024. While this release date is still half a year away, the specifications should almost be confirmed as no major architectural upgrade is taking place. Raptor Lake Refresh or RPL-R offers little to no visible improvements over the 13th Generation.

The only difference users should expect are higher clock speeds and higher core counts, on select models. Raptor Lake was effectively a redefined version of Alder Lake, with double the cache across each E-core cluster and twice the efficient cores. Through some basic mathematics, Raptor Lake provided users with 4x more cache over the E-cores.

Raptor Lake Refresh, on the other hand, at best has higher frequencies, and more cores on just the i7 series.

Surprisingly, unlike what RedGamingTech leaked, the i3 family will retain a maximum of just 4 P-cores. This is slightly disappointing, however, the clock speed has increased by 200MHz. The chart below should help you with the specifications.

Raptor Lake RefreshCores/ThreadsMax ClocksRaptor LakeCores/ThreadsMax Clocks

Release Date

Intel currently plans to unveil the 14th Generation of Core CPUs sometime in October. Initially, as is tradition, team blue will only announce the K-SKUs with the Non-K lineup arriving early next year. While RPL-R is not as exciting as we thought, keep an eye out for Meteor Lake which may be announced at the Intel Innovation event on 19th September.


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