Fix: Windows Live Mail and Outlook Error 0x800CCC92

Error 0x800CCC92 is the hexadecimal form of the error. This is a common error code related to Windows Live Mail and Outlook. When this error arises, it typically indicates that the email application could not connect to the host, the host address is unreachable, or the email server has rejected the login. All of these lead to one major cause: ‘connectivity’ issues with your email server.

The best possible fix is customized to your circumstances and needs to be troubleshooted. In this guide, I will walk you through a mixture of steps that have proven to be helpful for me.

Here is how to fix error 0x800ccc92 on Windows Live Mail and Outlook.

The first thing we need to ensure is that the email’s web-server is working and it allows you to log in to your account via the webmail. If you don’t know what your webmail address is, simply do a quick Google Search this way: “hotmail login”, “gmail login”, “yahoo login”, “comcast login”. This will return the most relevant search (99% of the time, the first result is the correct one). Click on it and try to log in to your email account. If it works, we can proceed further. But if it does not work, then there is an issue either with the username or the password, which needs to be addressed before moving further. Usually, the username is correct, but the password is incorrect. You can reset it via the webmail. There is a small button under the box where you type your password that indicates “password reset”.

 Once you’ve successfully logged in or reset your password, run a system file scan (see here). The steps mentioned in the link are performed on a Windows 10 system, but they are the same for Windows 7, Vista, and 8.

If the password has been reset and you are receiving password prompts, then update the password. If it still doesn’t work, ensure that you have the correct username and password. The next step is to check that the email server settings are correct, i.e., POP, SMTP, IMAP, etc. You can also find this information through a quick Google search or by speaking to your ISP if your email is from the ISP.

Once you get it, re-add your account.

Please refer to the following steps for Windows Live Mail.

For Outlook, see the steps here.

I would suggest removing the old account first before re-adding the new one.


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