Fix: Windows 10 Activation Error 0x80041024

Windows 10 has become the go-to operating system for personal computers which is the reason why many users are upgrading to it from its predecessors. According to the feedback from many end-users, it is still possible to do free upgrade from a licensed Windows 7 to Windows 10, but it might result in the activation error known as Error code 0x80041024.

Windows 10 Activation Error 0x80041024

We do recommend checking your license key before you start an in-place upgrade. You can do it by using tens of different product key tools. In this article, we will sue Product KeyFinder developed by The Magical Jelly Bean. To do it, please follow the procure below:

  1. Open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Edge
  2. Open The Magical Jelly Bean website and download Product KeyFinder by clicking on Download. The installer file is around 907 KB.
    Product KeyFinder – The Magic Jelly Bean
  3. Install the KeyFinder on your operating system and run it. The Windows product key will be shown in the window. Write it down, print it, or copy to USB Flash drive and use it for activating Windows 10 once it is successfully installed.

Two solutions can help you to solve the problem, the first one is to try to activate it manually because automatic license activation might fail, and the second option is to try to repair Windows by using System File Checker.

Solution 1: Activate Windows 10 manually

Sometimes automatic activation might fail, and we recommend trying to activate your Windows 10 manually. To do it, it is necessary to have the correct product key. Please use the one you have found with Product KeyFinder.

  1. Click on Start Menu. Search for Settings and then open it
  2. Click on Update and Security and then click on Activation on the left side of the window
  3. Under Update product key click on Change product key
  4. Enter a product key and then click on Next. Follow the wizard’s steps and restart your computer. Now check if Windows is activated successfully.

Solution 2: Repair your Windows

One of the potential reasons why you are not able to activate the Windows is due to corrupt system files. Thanks to Microsoft and the tool called System File Checker (SFC), we will be able to scan and repair the issues related to a system corruption. The SFC must be executed via an elevated command prompt interface. We already talked about the way how System File Checker can be used on Windows 10. After running the System File Scanner, restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved.


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