What is WaasMedic and How to Disable it and Fix it?

WaasMedic or Windows Update Medic Service is a Windows Update component that is run in the background for the purpose of repairing Windows Update should it get damaged or corrupted. This service was newly introduced in Windows 10 so that you can run Windows Update without any issues. Windows updates usually include bug fixes, security patches etc. due to which they become an essential part of the system and if you don’t update your system for a while, you might be vulnerable to many security flaws. The WaasMedic.exe file can be detected as a threat or virus by some third-party antivirus software in which case you should add it as an exception. However, this process is usually targeted by malware creators as a disguise as well so make sure to watch out for that.

Since it is a built-in component of Windows update, you can’t really remove it from the system, however, it can be disabled or replaced. You can disable most of the Windows services from ‘Services’, albeit, there are certain services that’ll prompt you with an ‘Access is denied’ dialogue box should you try to disable them. This includes WaasMedic.

Access Denied – WaasMedic

How to Disable WaasMedic?

Although this is not really recommended by Microsoft if you regularly update your Windows, if you don’t, there’s not much to lose then. To disable WaasMedic service, you can’t use the generic method and disable it from Windows Services Manager as it will pop up an ‘Access is denied’ dialogue box, however, you can disable it using a third-party software called Windows Update Blocker. With the help of this tool, you can easily disable any Windows service with just a click. The User Interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Once you download the tool, extract it and you’ll get three files; a Read Me text document, a .exe file which is the application and a Wub.ini file. You can download the tool from here.

Windows Update Blocker contents

Follow through the steps to know how to disable WaasMedic:-

  1. First of all, open up Windows Update Blocker.
    Windows Update Blocker
  2. Click on Menu and select ‘Windows Services’ from the list.
  3. Once the Windows Services window loads up, look for ‘Windows Update Medic Service’.
  4. Double-click it and copy the ‘Service name’.
    Windows Service Manager
  5. Go to the Windows Update Blocker directory, and open up the ini file in a notepad.
  6. Under ‘dosvc=2,4’, paste the Service name and put ‘=3,4’ in front of it.
    Wub.ini – Windows Update Blocker
  7. Now, open up the Windows Update Blocker window and hit ‘Apply’.
  8. If you wish to enable the service later down the road, just open Windows Update Blocker, select ‘Enable Service’ and hit Apply.

How to Fix WaasMedic Related Errors??

Since this is merely a background service with the task of repairing Windows update, there are not many errors associated with it. However, the most generic and known would be waasmedic.exe crashes etc. which can be resolved pretty easily.

What causes WaasMedic Errors?

Well, these errors are usually caused by: –

  • Junk files. If you’ve junk files in your system files, they might interfere with the process and as a result, it crashes.
  • Viruses or malware. If your system has been affected by viruses or malware, they might corrupt the service files due to which it crashes.

This error can be solved by the following solutions: –

Solution 1: Using Disk Cleanup

To start off with removing the junk or temporary files stored on your system which might be causing the service to crash, you should use Windows built-in utility Disk Cleanup. This will scan your drives for unwanted files and delete them. To run Disk Cleanup, do the following:

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in Disk Cleanup and open it up.
  2. Select your System volume.
  3. Click ‘Cleanup system files’.
  4. Make sure to check the ‘Temporary Files’ box on the list.
    Windows Disk Cleanup
  5. Wait for it to complete.

Solution 2: Configuring Windows

Finally, if your system had been affected by viruses or malware, it might be the cause of the crashes. Hence, in such a case, you’ll have to turn on DEP for the service. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Desktop and right-click Properties.
  2. On the left-hand side, click Advanced System settings.
  3. Click Settings under Performance.
  4. Switch to ‘Data Execution Prevention’ tab.
  5. Click ‘Turn on DEP..’ and then hit Add.
    Data Execution Prevention
  6. From the list, locate and select waasmedic.exe.
  7. Hit Open.
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What is WaasMedic and How to Disable it and Fix it?

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