What Does WYD Mean?

WYD is an acronym that means ‘what you doing’. Mostly used in texting when asking someone what they are up to at the moment. It is a very common short form that is being used in texting or social media, especially among the young generation.

The Actual Form

WYD actually is a bad grammar example for the original question that is ‘What are you doing?’. We all know that grammar is not given much importance when texting. Because when one is texting, and if you are a text-a-holic, then you would know that you type with so much speed and so frequently that you find it unnecessary to write the full spellings for every word that you use. That is the reason why we make short forms/ acronyms/ texting slangs, to make life easier for those who love to text.

It Isn’t Used Just for Texting

Texting isn’t the only place where youngsters use acronyms like WYD. Social networking forums like Facebook and Twitter have created this trend and abbreviations are used on such social media forums as well. Users also use hashtags with such short forms, which have become another trend in the social media world.

Finding it Difficult to Understand?

That is probably because you have not been keeping yourself well informed about the changes occurring in the social media world. Initially, when the internet emerged, there were only one to three acronyms that were used. Some also became popular because of the cartoon ‘ Winnie the Pooh’ where Tigger always said TTFN, which means ‘ta ta for now’. Also, the IDK acronym that was popularized by the internet to mean “I don’t know.

And now, because the internet is an old phenomenon, we keep coming across messages, tweets, Facebook and Instagram Posts that use such acronyms.

Don’t get confused. And don’t worry either, because you can always read articles like these to inform yourself better about the changes occurring in the social lives of everyone.


WYD was new to me too. I had no idea what it meant when I first saw it in a text. And then I used my sources to know better about what it means. Because, really, you can make so many meanings from simple acronyms like WYD.

Other forms of WYD

‘What are you doing’ is a more simple form of WYD. It has a more formal ring to it. The same question can be asked in different forms like ‘What’s up’, ‘What you up to’, ‘Whatchu doing’ and ‘What’s happening?’.

All of the above examples mean ‘WYD’ (what you doing).

How to Use WYD?

If you want to ask the questions that I just mentioned earlier, you can use the short form WYD instead of writing the whole sentence.  And now you know when you get a WYD in a personal message or somewhere on social media, what it means.

Let’s look at a few examples of how WYD can be used in a conversation.

Example 1:

Jake: Hey

Blair: Hi, WYD?

Jake: Nothing, just got back from work.

This example is the most common way of using WYD. It is a simple conversation between two friends. One of them just wants to know what they are up to.

Example 2:

Sam: Are you coming to the Party?

Jim: No, I’m home.

Sam: Why? WYD man!

This WYD, shows more of ‘disappointment’ from Sam’s side as his friend Jim isn’t coming to the party they had been planning to go on. The meaning here can be explained as an expression basically means  ‘come on man come to the party’.

Example 3:

There are people on social networks that put up pictures or posts that are very weird or make the person viewing them feel disgusted or annoyed by what they are doing. For instance, someone putting up a video of them troubling their cat or dog or hurting them, so the person who is viewing this video might comment on the picture/video or even personal message that person as an expression of anger or disgust like ‘WYD with the cat!’.

Example 4:

You are watching an intense game with your friends. And during the game, you see your sister or brother doing something very distracting outside the house and you can see that right from where you are sitting. In this situation, you can message them saying WYD in the middle of nowhere. This is more of a hypothetical sort of a question. Here, you don’t literally mean ‘what you are doing’ but in fact mean, ‘why are you doing whatever you are doing. This is similar to the thoughts that you get when your favorite player isn’t playing the game like you are expecting them to play.

WYD is an abbreviation that can be used in many different contexts. From happy, to sad, to any sort of feelings. You can totally make the tone being used in these examples. And I hope it helps you understand better.


Habiba Rehman

Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.