What Exactly Does TTFN Stands For?

‘TTFN’  is an abbreviation which means ‘Ta Ta For Now’.  It is commonly used in replacement of the word ‘goodbye’. TTFN is used by young adults as well as teenagers on the social media and even when they are text messaging someone.

What Exactly Does TTFN Mean?

TTFN is not just a simple way to say goodbye. But, it has a much better meaning attached to it. Goodbye would mean ‘the end’ of a conversation, or a meet up. But TTFN, means that this goodbye is just for now, and that you will meet them (the people whom you are saying goodbye to) again.

The very first time that I heard of this acronym was in the animated cartoon, ‘Winnie the Pooh’, I am sure most you know about it. And it was in this movie, that the character, Tigger said ‘TTFN’. And ever since, TTFN has been my favourite goodbye.

How Can You Use TTFN?

Writing the acronym TTFN, in the upper case, or in the lower case, doesn’t make much difference in the meaning or doesn’t change what it stands for. So , if you wish to write the acronym as ‘TTFN’ or as ‘ttfn’, both forms are socially acceptable and will convey the right message to the recipient.

You can use TTFN whenever you are having a conversation over text messages or even on social media forums like Facebook and Twitter. It is usually used towards the end of a conversation, when both the participants are bringing their conversation to a full stop.

Using TTFN, in such a conversation could be a more friendly way of telling them that it is time for us to go, and let’s talk sometime later. The following examples will help you understand how you can use TTFN in your conversations, and, you can also learn how to respond to someone who has said TTFN to them.

Examples of TTFN

Example 1

Since ‘Winnie the Pooh’ was one of the biggest examples of TTFN, I would like to share a dialogue between of the character and how the acronym TTFN was used in it.

Tigger: Well, I gotta go now. I’ve got a lotta bouncin’ to do! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! T-T-F-N: ta-ta for now!

This one makes me feel nostalgic. Blast from the past as it may seem.

Example 2

I: I think my parents are home. If they get to know I haven’t slept, they are going to be so angry.
G: Okay then.
G: Bye.

Example 3

Mom: Hey Sweetheart, how are you?
Daughter: Hi Mom, I am great, just been busy with school.
Mom: Yes, I can see that. You haven’t called me in weeks.
Daughter: I know, I am sorry Mom. Let me get back to you in an hour, I’m in class. TTFN. Love you.
Mom: Love you more Darling.

Example 4

Situation: You are preparing for the ‘big promotion’ meeting with your boss. 10 minutes to you interview and analysis, your wife messages you and this is how you can use ttfn during a conversation when you are low on time or are in a situation where you cannot talk at the moment.

Wife: Honey, how did the meeting go?
Husband: Still haven’t called me in. Waiting. Super nervous.
Wife: Don’t be, You’ll be fine.
Husband: You know how much this means to me.
Wife: I do, and I know you’re the best they’ve got. So chill.
Hubsand: They called my name. TTFN.
Wife: Okay, best of luck. Message me whenever you’re done.
Husband: <3

You can use TTFN, when you need to quickly and abruptly end a conversation. And it makes more sense than saying a goodbye because goodbye doesn’t explain your expression of that current moment as good as TTFN does.

Example 5

You went on a vacation to Bali with your sisters. And you had the time of your life. You want to upload a picture on your Instagram and Twitter and say something amazing about the location. After all the appreciation notes, this is how you can end your caption:

‘This trip could not have been more amazing. Thank God we came to Bali this year. #Vacation  time is over no. TTFN #bali. Will be back next year soon. Fingers crossed’

Other Internet Acronyms Like TTFN

Just like TTFN, TTYL can also be used a replacement. TTYL stands for ‘Talk to You Later’. It is like a promise you are making that you ‘WILL’ talk to them later.

Other acronyms like BRB (Be right Back), BBIAB( Be Back In a Bit) and similar acronyms don’t seem to be the exact alternates for TTFN.

So if you want to tell someone that you need to end the conversation for now, and you will get back to them as soon as possible, you should probably go for TTFN or TTYL.


Habiba Rehman

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