What Does OOTD Mean?

OOTD stands for ‘Outfit Of The Day’. It a very commonly used internet slang trending mostly as hash tags on Intagram and Snapchat. It basically is used as an acronym or  tagline under pictures or captions on pictures to show what you are wearing today. All young adults and teenagers use this internet abbreviation very often.

You can also use it when you want to upload a picture of what you are wearing today. It can be anything, good or bad, adding the hash tag or just a simple caption saying ‘OOTD’ will be enough for the viewers to know that the picture you uploaded is for today and this is what you have been wearing for the event that took place today.

Can You Use the Acronym OOTD Only When There is an Event or Party?

Not necessarily. It is not important for you to attend an event, or even a party to be eligible to use the hash tag OOTD. In fact, what you are wearing right now, even if it is an old PJ, you can still upload a picture saying OOTD.  OOTD does not define a type of outfit that you must wear and making you eligible only then to use this caption. You can use OOTD whenever, where ever and however you like it.

But as far as the trends are concerned, people usually use OOTD when either they are all dressed up for a party, whether it is a wedding or a lunch. People also use OOTD on normal office days when they actually get ‘dressed’ formally for a change.

How to Use the Acronym OOTD?

It is super easy to use OOTD under pretty much any picture of yours that you click for ‘today’. By today, I mean the current day picture which you must upload on the same day, because as the acronym OOTD suggests, you are showing everyone the outfit you wore ‘today’. That is the present. If you clicked the picture last week, or a month before, you cannot use the acronym OOTD under or over it.

Here are the different ways you can use the acronym on a picture. You can either upload a picture on Instagram, and add a hash tag ‘OOTD’ in the caption for that picture.

If you are adding a story on Instagram or Snapchat, you can write OOTD over the picture using the editing tools provided on the apps.

I have also seen people use the status feature of Whats App to upload an image of them as their status and have written OOTD over it. You can use any of the social media forums to display what you are wearing today with this abbreviation ‘OOTD’ as a caption.

Examples of OOTD

Example 1

Jeff: Hi! Have you seen the magazine on GTW’s website?
Hailey: No? Why?
Jeff: Check out their OOTD pictures, your picture got selected for this volume.
Hailey:WHAT! Yay!

Example 2

Situation: You have your welcome party at college. You get all dressed up in a beautiful saree. You click a picture with your friend and upload it on Instagram with a caption saying ‘OOTD’.

Example 3

Now the picture that you uploaded, many people on your list don’t understand the meaning of OOTD you have all your uncles and aunts on your list. So you have people commenting under your picture what OOTD means. As an answer, you add the hash tag # OOTD. This leads them to the various pool of pictures that Instagram users have collected under the hash tag OOTD. This helps all the people who don’t know about OOTD, to now be familiar with the new addition to their dictionary of internet slangs.

Because everybody gets updated about new trends slowly and steadily. This could possibly mean that they don’t know about the internet slang you are about to use under your picture, YET. So, to make it easier for them, and for you, you can add these captions in hash tags. Especially the jargons that seem difficult for a newbie to understand.

Example 4

Tyler: OOTD
(sends a picture of himself in a suit)
Dan: What is the occasion?
Tyler: Going on my first prom!
Dan: Looking great little brother!
Tyler: Thanks!

Example 5

Group Chat

Jen: Do we have an OOTD?
Tee: No, we are all going to wear what we feel comfortable in.
Anne: ^No, we are all going to wear denims with white T-Shirts.
Jen: I am confused guys.
Tee: No OOTD.
Anne: Denims and White T shirts is our OOTD.
Tee: What if I don’t wear it today to college?
Anne: You are out of the squad.
Tee: you gotta be kidding me! -_-

Users are seen using OOTD even in text messaging. Whether it is discussing what to wear today, or whether it is to show what your OOTD is.


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