SOLVED: Unfortunately Titanium Backup has stopped

Titanium Backup is an excellent application famous in the Android world because of its backup capabilities. Sadly it has been reported to stop working after users performed some non-wipe installs. A pop-up notification showing the text “Unfortunately Titanium Backup has stopped working” is liable to appear leading to the application exiting and not performing its regular functionalities. When you try to uninstall and reinstall the application it is liable to give you an insignificant storage space error. So what should you do? Read on to find out.

An .odex file is left behind as residue when you try to uninstall or modify an application on an Android device. Removing this file ideally eradicates the problems that you might be facing but if that doesn’t work out, we have got another method for you to try out as well. Go through the first method first and if that doesn’t work out, you should try the second one and get the app working again!

Method 1: File Explorer Method

To perform this method, your phone should be rooted. We are assuming that yours should be if it has Titanium Backup installed on it (you can’t install the app otherwise) but even if it isn’t, you can check out the XDA forums to see whether your phone can be rooted or not. Here’s the link.

You need to have a file explorer to perform this method. Now it can be any of the hundreds available in abundance on the play store. Some examples can be the Root Explorer and the ES File Explorer If you don’t have any installed, you can download any one of these two.

Once you have installed the file manager, open it and go to /data/app.

Navigate your way through the files till you find the one named “com.kermidas.TitaniumBackup-1.odex”.

Delete this file.

Reinstall Titanium backup again.

Method 2: Change to Current Folder

Now this method will work only if you still have Titanium Backup installed on your phone but it just isn’t working/backing up any data.

Open the Titanium Backup application and click on “Menu”.

In the menu, you will find the preferences button under the “General” tab. Click on it.

Now you will see a bunch of settings. Go to the section that says “Backup folder location” and click on it.

Now when the new menu appears, hit back to enter a file browser. You will be shown something like /storage/emulated/0 as the path.

Once again go back and then click on “Legacy”. Now the path should be /storage/emulated/legacy.

Now scroll over to your TitaniumBackup folder and click on it.

Now select “Use the current folder” and when you see the pop-up say yes.

Now try to perform your normal backup routine and see if your application works.


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