Twitter Blue Subscription to Relaunch With Manual Verification and Tier System

Elon Musk claims that the checkmark initiative on Twitter could be back on Friday, December 2nd, with a new process to deal with impersonation difficulties. The new human identification method, according to Musk, is “painful but necessary.” Additionally, verified check marks will come in three new colors: gold for businesses, grey for the government, and traditional blue for personal accounts.

He went on to explain in more detail how the revamped blue tick would function:

All verified accounts will be manually authenticated before  …

All verified individual humans will have a same blue check, as boundary of what constitutes “notable” is otherwise too subjective. Individuals can have secondary tiny logo showing they belong to an org if verified as such by that org.”

It turns out that charging an $8 monthly subscription for “verified check marks without really confirming users‘ identities wasn’t a great idea. Musk disregarded Twitter’s trust and safety staff’s concerns, and as a consequence, the company’s paid Twitter Blue subscriptions swiftly led to some verified accounts mimicking well-known businesses and public people, scaring away advertisers from the “high-risk” platform. The firm won’t relaunch Twitter Blue until “we’re confident about significant impersonations not happening,” according to Musk, who made this statement afterward.

Although this is the first time Musk has provided specifics, he previously said that Twitter “will probably use various color checks for organisations than individuals.” The definition of “notable” is too subjective, thus all confirmed individual people will have the same blue check, according to Musk in a tweet.

Musk made preparations for the reinstatement of banned accounts on the network the next week as he revealed the verification modification. On Thursday, he said that suspended accounts would be eligible for a “general amnesty if they had not violated the law or “engaged in egregious spam.” The right-wing broadcaster Katie Hopkins from the United Kingdom and Steve Bannon, a former advisor to Donald Trump, both had accounts on Twitter that were banned. 


Muhammad Zuhair

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