How to Turn Off Google Voice Typing Feature on Android

More and more people are using voice to type or control their smartphones, but still, there is a contingent of the people out there who get annoyed by this feature. This is because in some cases, it leads to unwanted results and may cause embracement for a user.

How to Turn Off Google Voice Typing

Disabling this feature should be a straightforward process, but sometimes it gets complicated as many OEMs include this feature into the phone. Also, do not underestimate the nuisance the Google Assistant app can create with voice dictation.

Turn Off Google Voice Typing for the Phone

  1. Open the Setting of your smartphone and select Language and Input. For some users, it will be under the Personal or System section.
    Open Language and Input in the Phone Settings
  2. Now, select Virtual Keyboard. this option may not be available to all users; only those who used a physical keyboard with the phone may see it. Then select your keyboard or default keyboard.
    Open Virtual Keyboard Settings of the Phone
  3. Then either you select Manage Keyboards (in case of Virtual Keyboard) or tap on Configure Input Method.
    Open Manage Keyboards in Virtual Keyboard
  4. Now toggle the switch of Google Voice Typing to the off position and if asked to, confirm to turn off Google Voice Typing.
    Disable Google Voice Typing in Manage Keyboards
  5. Afterward, check if Google Voice Typing is turned off.

Turn Off Google Voice Typing for the Gboard Application

If Gboard or any other keyboard application has enabled Google Voice Typing in its preferences, then disabling it in the phone’s settings may not stop the Google Voice Typing. Turning it off in the Gboard (or any other keyboard application) may do the trick for the user.

  1. Open Settings of your Smartphone and select Language and Input.
  2. Now select Gboard (or the 3rd party keyboard application). In some cases, you may have to select Virtual Keyboard before tapping on Gboard.
    Open Gboard in Virtual Keyboard
  3. Then open Voice Typing and toggle the switch of Use Voice Typing to the off position.
    Open Voice Typing in the Gboard Settings
  4. Afterward, confirm to disable Voice Typing and check if the Google Voice Typing is turned off. If your phone starts loading Assistant when you want to use Voice Typing, then make sure to disable Enhanced Voice Typing in the Gboard Settings. On an HTC phone, you may have to enable HTC SENSE INPUT.
    Disable Voice Typing in the Gboard Settings

Turn Off Hey Google or OK Google in the Google Assistant Settings

If the Google Assistant is enabled on your phone, it can also be used to perform different tasks including typing.

  1. Launch the Google Assistant and click on the Snapshot-like icon in the left corner.
    Click on Your Profile Icon in the Google Assistant
  2. Now, in the top right, click on your profile icon and tap on Hey Google and Voice Match. You can also navigate to this menu by navigating to Google app>> Tap on Profile icon>> Settings>> Voice>> Voice Match.
    Open Hey Google & Voice Match in the Google Assistant Settings
  3. Then toggle the switch of Hey Google or OK Google to the off position and confirm (if asked to) to disable it.
    Disable Hey Google in Assistant

Hopefully, that will end your quest with Google Voice Typing for now.

If none of the above do the trick, then check if resetting, disabling/re-enabling, or uninstalling any of the Gboard, Google Assistant/Google Assistant Go, or Google/Google Go apps turns off Google Voice Typing.

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