TSMC Plans to Build World’s First 1nm Fab in Chiayi, Southern Taiwan

TSMC is looking to solidify its position as the world’s top semiconductor manufacturer, and is planning on building the most advanced chip production facility in Taiwan. Despite regional tensions in the area, TSMC has shown confidence in the region, aiming to solidify the region’s dominance in the semiconductor industry.

Chiayi County to Host TSMC’s Next-Gen Chip Factory in $1 Trillion Project

In recent reports, it has been rumored that TSMC is now planning on building the world’s first 1nm production facility in Chiayi, Southern Taiwan, investing almost north of ¥1 trillion (~$32 billion). All in all, they have applied for ~100-hectares of land; 40 for advanced packaging plants, and the remaining 60 for the construction of advanced 1nm fab.

TSMC has lately been expanding its production lines in Taiwan; just recently, the company announced that it will build its third 2nm factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan while postponing work on its second U.S fab in Arizona, which was earlier projected to become operational by this year. According to recent reports, this $40 billion project is expected to see significant delays, starting advanced production as late as 2028.

While the idea of world’s most advanced semiconductor production facility being moved Taiwan is a strategic decision, TSMC is reportedly determined to keep most of its advanced manufacturing processes in here despite external pressures and geopolitical tensions. On a wider scale, it goes to show how TSMC is the world’s largest semiconductor foundry, widening the gap between competitors such as Intel or Samsung.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: UDN


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