How to Throw Players & Items in Gang Beasts? (PC, PS4, Xbox)

To be the best in Gang Beasts, mastering the throw mechanic is essential for all players. But unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide a clear explanation of how to execute it, making it difficult for new players to learn on their own.

How to Throw in Gang Beasts
How to Throw in Gang Beasts

But don’t worry; we have you covered with this guide. We’ll show you how to perform a throw in Gang Beasts and what you need to do to execute the best throws.

How to Throw in Gang Beasts

Performing a simple throw in Gang Beasts is way simpler than it seems. However, performing a good throw that covers a large distance and gets some nice air-time is another story entirely.

Let’s start off by performing a simple throw. Below, we have provided a list of the controls involved in executing a throw. This will eliminate any confusion you have regarding the game controls.

Controls on Windows 

  1. Left Punch: Left Mouse Button.
  2. Right Punch: Right Mouse Button.
  3. Lift: Shift.

Controls on Xbox

  1. Left Punch: LB
  2. Right Punch: RB
  3. Lift: Y

Controls on PlayStation

  1. Left Punch: L1
  2. Right Punch: L1
  3. Lift: Triangle

Now that you’re acquainted with the game controls, follow the steps we’ve listed below to perform a throw in Gang Beasts:

  1. Get up close to the enemy or item and hold both punch buttons while aiming at them to grab them. Remember not to let go of the punch buttons even after you have grabbed them.
    Grabbing the target from their lower body
    Grabbing the target from their lower body
  2. Hold the lift button to pick up the enemy/item.
    Lifting the opponent
    Lifting the opponent in Gang Beasts
  3. Let go of the punch and lift buttons to throw the enemy/item. 
    Throwing the opponent in Gang Beasts
    Throwing the opponent in Gang Beasts

If you follow these steps properly, you will perform a simple throw on the target. However, you will notice that your throw does not have good airtime and does not cover a great distance at all. So, to perform a good throw, you will have to learn some very important tips about this mechanic.

How to Perform the Perfect Throw in Gang Beast (Tips and Tricks) 

To perform the perfect throw in Gang Beasts, you need to know four important tips:

  1. Where to grab the target from.
  2. How to position yourself properly.
  3. How to use momentum to your advantage. 
  4. The importance of practice. 

1. Positioning Yourself Properly

The first thing to remember when performing a throw is that you need to position yourself properly before executing it. Ideally, you want both you and your opponent to be standing near a ledge before performing a throw, so that you don’t need to carry them a long distance or throw them very far to make them fall off the edge.

2. Grabbing the Target

The next thing you must know to execute a proper throw is that understanding the importance of the position from which you grab the target is essential.

If you grab the opponent by their upper body, it will be very difficult for you to gain momentum for a good throw. Therefore, it’s always better to grab them by the lower body. You can do this by simply crouching or sitting before you grab them, as this will make your character automatically aim at their lower body.

It is also essential to always grasp your targets with both hands because using only one hand will not provide a secure grip when you attempt to gain momentum.

3. Using Momentum to Your Advantage

The final thing you need to learn is to use momentum to your advantage. In Gang Beasts, momentum is one of the most crucial aspects of the gameplay.

After you’ve grabbed the target, you must gain some momentum before releasing or throwing them. Without good momentum, they will simply fall right in front of you instead of covering a large distance.

The easiest way to gain momentum after grabbing someone is to spin around. This is a much quicker and simpler way to gain momentum than running around, as you don’t need to move too far away from your position.

As you’re spinning around, you’ll notice that your target’s legs will start flailing in the air. This is an indicator that you have enough momentum to perform the perfect throw. Once you’re ready, release the punch buttons, and the opponent will go flying!

Gaining momentum by spinning around
Gaining momentum by spinning around

Another good way to quickly gain momentum is to run forward and then immediately stop before throwing the target. If you time this perfectly, the throw will cover a very large distance.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

The final tip for performing the perfect throw is to keep practicing. Initially, even if you follow the tips above, you may still have trouble achieving good distance on your throws. However, don’t be discouraged, as mastering the throw will take time. You simply need to keep practicing, and you’ll improve with each throw.

Once you become proficient, you will be able to combine other moves with your throws, such as the headbutt. This will allow you to perform variations of this mechanic, such as the Quick Throw and the Headbutt Throw.


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