Fix: The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005

Windows 10 is one of the most anticipated versions of Windows by Microsoft. Although, Windows 8 created a new trend in the world of Desktop OS but it had some issues in design and performance that were the main focus for Microsoft in Windows 10. So, Windows 10 Final Build was revealed on July 29, 2015 for Desktop as well Smartphones.

It included a lot of modifications by keeping the flaws of Windows 8 in consideration. In fact, it is an advanced version of Windows but still, there are a number of consequences occurring everyday with different users.

A major part of these consequences are the errors that come out when trying to do a particular task. A number of people have come through an error message while trying to open different softwares and browsers inside their Windows 10. This error comes with an error message saying The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application. This error usually occurs with internet browsers but it is not confined to these. Any application inside the Windows can stop responding due to this error. So, it needs to be fixed in order to revert those essential software’s back to work.

11/12/2016: Users reported that the methods listed below will also work on Windows 7.

Reason Behind the Windows 10 Error 0xc0000005:

There are a number of known reasons causing this error to disturb the operations of various softwares in Windows 10. One of those reasons that are considered as a major cause is a third-party antivirus program causing conflicts with executable files and influencing their operations. One the other hand, registries can get corrupted due to malwares and viruses causing the programs to behave abnormally. Sometimes, bad hardware drivers can also be culprit causing this error.

Solutions to Fix the Windows 10 Error 0xc0000005:

Based on the reasons mentioned above, the solutions are straight-forward. So, go through the following methods to get rid of this frustrating error message.

Repair Corrupt System Files

Download and run Reimage Plus to scan and restore corrupt and missing files from here, once done proceed with the solutions below. It is important to ensure that all system files are intact and not corrupt before proceeding with the solutions below.

Method # 1: Fixing Antivirus Program

Antivirus programs can influence the executable files of a number of programs. So, in order to fix this problem, you are required to disable the third-party antivirus program to check whether it was the culprit or not. Please note that disabling antivirus program can result in some serious threats to your computer when connected to internet.

You can also rely upon the Windows own security software i.e. Windows Defender. It has the same functionality as of any other antivirus. You can disable antivirus by navigating to its Settings and turning the shield off.


After it is disabled, check for the error again. If, it still persists, move to the next method.

Method # 2: Fixing Registries

The registry is the central database of Windows that is constantly being used by your PC to help it read many different files & settings that it needs to run. Registries can get corrupted due to damage to some certain files required to stack everything in place. These can also be influenced by viruses and malwares. So, follow these steps to fix registries in order to resolve the error 0xc0000005.

1. Download registry cleaner software from this link.

2. After it is downloaded, install it using the recommended settings. Open the software after the installation process is finished.

3. On the interface, click on the Registry tab present on the left pane and click the button labeled as Scan for Issues. It will start searching for errors in registry and when the search will be finished, a button Fix Selected Issue will be activated. Click on that button and everything will be fixed.


Method # 3: Fixing Faulty Drivers

Drivers are the software programs that help the computer to communicate with a hardware attached to it. So, when they are damaged, the hardware tends to cause glitches. Fixing these faulty divers can help you out in a number of ways. Follow the steps below.

1. Open the Device Manager by pressing Win + X and selecting it from the list.

2. Inside the Device Manager, scroll down to see if there is any hardware with a yellow mark. If there is, then, right click over there and select Update Driver Software. If you have installed drivers recently, reinstall those drivers too.


3. On the window appearing after, click on Search automatically for updated driver software to let it search and install drivers automatically. In case, if, you have downloaded the drivers manually, click on the option below to browse and install them. After the process is done, check for the error.


Method # 4: Fix BCD

This method is to carried out by the users at their own risk. This did work for some, and did not for some. You will also need to re-activate Windows after performing the steps in this guide.

  1. Hold the Windows Key and Press X. Choose Command Prompt (Admin)
  2. Type bcdedit and press ENTER. If your Windows Boot Loader Path is xOsload.exe then you need to remove some files and repair your BCD. You can see this in the PATH field after you execute the bcdedit command.
  3. Once done, execute the following commands below, some may return not found but ignore the errors and proceed till the last. Make sure, you hit the ENTER key after each command.

Del D:\Windows\System32\xOsload.exe
Del D:\Windows\System32\xNtKrnl.exe
Del D:\Windows\System32\Drivers\oem-drv64.sys
attrib c:\boot\bcd -h -r -s
ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
bootrec /rebuildbcd


  1. mine didn’t work when i tried to install visual c++ 2012.. i”ve forced closed the setup when it seems hang.. after that i’ve got this kind of error…

  2. AbiWord is now not working on Windows 10 because of this error after reboot. No antivirus installed.

  3. All wrong it is not anything but Microsoft. To those that took the free upgrade to Windows 10 are now being required to use Edge. You need to find a away disconnect Edge. Once done all the programs will work.

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Fix: The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005

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