Key Supplier Confirms No Solid-State Buttons for iPhone 15 Pro Models

Recently, rumors have been circulating that Apple was planning to introduce a new button layout for the iPhone 15 Pro models, including the use of solid-state buttons. These rumors suggested that Apple would replace the traditional physical buttons with touch-sensitive ones, offering haptic feedback through a Taptic Engine motor.

However, it appears that these rumors are untrue. Cirrus Logic, a key supplier for Apple, has confirmed that the solid-state buttons are not being added to the iPhone 15 Pro models. In a letter to shareholders, Cirrus Logic stated that the feature is no longer expected as planned, and that it is eliminating the revenue stream related to the feature from its “internal model.”

This news will come as a disappointment to many Apple fans who were looking forward to the rumored changes. However, it is worth noting that Cirrus Logic’s letter did not completely rule out the possibility of solid-state buttons in future models. In fact, the supplier hinted at the feature being added to next year’s iPhone 16 Pro models.

Despite this, it is clear that Apple has decided not to go ahead with the solid-state buttons for the iPhone 15 Pro models. While some may be disappointed, others may be relieved to hear that Apple is not making significant changes to the button layout of its flagship device just yet (they had their fair share of cons to bring with them).

While rumors of solid-state buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro models have been circulating, it is now confirmed that these changes will not be taking place. While this may disappoint some, it is important to remember that Apple may have their own reasons and that we may see significant changes to the design and functionality of iPhones in the future.

This is all we know for now, however we will make sure to keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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