Steam: Your Account Does Not Meet the Requirements to Use this Feature

To protect the Steam community from phishing and spamming, Steam bars some account holders from accessing certain important features. Malicious users frequently create dummy accounts without purchasing any games or items. To make it more difficult for these spammers, Steam has decided to restrict access to some community features until the account has spent $5 or more on Steam.


How Do I Gain Access to These Features?

The solution is simple: you need to spend at least $5 on Steam. It’s important to note that redeeming CD keys, receiving gifts, and making retail purchases do not count towards removing the restrictions. Here are a few ways through which you can gain access:

  • Adding at least $5 to your Steam wallet.
    Add $5 to Your Account
  • Adding a Steam Wallet Card of $5 or more to your account.
  • Purchasing games valued at $5 or more.
  • Purchasing a Steam gift card worth $5 or more.

Please note that receiving any gift or promotional code doesn’t count towards lifting the restrictions. Each Steam purchase will be measured in USD. If your currency isn’t USD, Steam will convert it using the current exchange rate to determine the amount credited to your account in dollars.

Which Features are Unavailable to Me?

Below is a list of features that are not available to a limited account:

1. Sending Friend and Group Invites

On Steam, you can add people by using their Steam ID or their name, and even when you’re in-game. Additionally, there’s a friend interface available within the Steam client where you can see a friend’s last online status, current game, and achievements. You can also invite them to play a game with you.

However, if your account is limited, you cannot initiate friend requests. You would have to provide your Steam ID to others and ask them to add you.

Send Friend and Group Invites

2. Requesting Access to Groups

In many games, players can team up by creating groups. With a limited Steam account, you cannot request to join these existing groups. They would need to invite you, which requires them to find you through your Steam ID or to have you on their friend list.

3. Opening Group Chat

Similarly, you cannot access group chats or read ongoing conversations as a limited account holder. This can be frustrating since team planning before gameplay often occurs in these chats, which are essential for all participants to be involved in.

4. Voting on Workshop Items and Writing Steam Reviews

To prevent review manipulation and unwarranted rating disruptions, Steam has restricted limited accounts from writing reviews or voting on workshop items. Non-limited account holders can recommend games by giving a “thumbs up,” making the recommendation visible to friends.

To write a review, open the Library in the Steam client and click on the game you wish to review. In the top-left corner, click on Write review If you have a limited account, you’ll be notified that you cannot post reviews due to the account limitations.

Voting on Workshop Items and Writing Steam Reviews

Should you try to write a review with a limited account, an error message will inform you that review posting is not permitted for limited accounts.

Limited Account Review Restriction

5. Participating in the Steam Market

The Steam Market is a digital marketplace available to the Steam community for selling or exchanging in-game items. To counteract spamming, this feature has been disabled for limited account holders.

Steam Market

6. Posting Frequently in Steam Discussions

Steam has also set a limit on the number of posts and comments limited account holders can make in the Steam Discussions forum within a 24-hour period. The reasoning was that scammers previously abused the discussions board, leading Steam to take action and preserve the integrity and efficiency of the forum.

Steam Discussions

7. Gaining Steam Profile Levels

Steam rewards account activity with profile levels, each providing additional benefits and options. As you level up, you unlock more profile showcases, with a new showcase earned every 10 levels, up to a maximum of 16 showcases. However, having a limited account means you do not level up regardless of gameplay frequency or quantity.

Here is a brief overview of how the leveling system works:

Level 1- 100XP = +5 Friend Slots
Level 20- 30000XP = +5 Friend Slots and Earn 1 profile showcase

Earning XP can be done through various means, including gameplay, trading, crafting badges, and participating in sales. With a limited account, however, you cannot increase your level until you spend $5 or more on Steam.

Level in Steam

8. Accessing Steam Web API

Limited account holders are also denied access to the Steam Web API, which is an HTTP based service enabling accession to many of Steamworks’ features, and is particularly useful for developers.

9. Using Browser and Mobile Chat

Steam’s mobile browser and chat functionalities allow you to communicate with friends on the go. With a limited account, you won’t be able to participate in these chats.

to Steam

10. Adding Public Artwork

Adding artwork to your profile, whether for showcase or sharing with friends, is a feature not available to limited account holders. While artists may find this limiting, it’s necessary to prevent potential abuse.

Adding Artwork in Steam

Which Actions Will Not Grant Me Access to the Unlimited Account?

Certain actions do not contribute to obtaining an unlimited account:

1. Activating a Retail Game on Steam

Activating a product on Steam via a CD key does not help in negating a limited account. You must spend precisely $5 in the Steam store.

2. Playing Free Demos

Engaging with demos provided for free will not count toward the elimination of account limitations.

3. Spending Funds Obtained from Items Sold in the Steam Market

The use of funds accumulated from sales in the Steam market for purchases does not count as a

valid purchase to activate an unlimited account.

4. Activating Promotional CD Keys from Hardware or Graphic Manufacturers

Redeeming promotional CD keys, as part of schemes from hardware or graphics manufacturers, is not considered in achieving an unlimited account status.

Will I Gain Access to All Features if I Receive a Game as a Gift?

No, games or items received as gifts or via Steam trading do not qualify. You must personally spend at least $5 on Steam.

What Happens if My Purchase is Refunded/Disputed/Charged Back?

If a purchase is refunded, the amount will be deducted from your account. Similarly, disputes that result in the account balance falling below $5 will negate eligibility for full access.

What If My Purchase is Pending/Processing? When Will I Get Unlimited Access?

You gain access to the unlimited account only after the purchase is successfully verified and completed. Pending or processing transactions do not count until finalized.

My Steam Store Isn’t in USD. What Are the Exchange Rates?

Transactions are converted to USD to meet the $5 threshold, using the exchange rate of the day the purchase occurs.

Is There Any Way for Me to Add Friends as a Limited User?

As a limited user, you cannot initiate friend requests. But if someone with an unrestricted account sends you a request, you can accept it and become friends.

Important Note:

All transactions should be made through the official Steam client. Websites claiming to be official partners are not endorsed by Steam, and purchases made outside the official Steam client do not contribute to unlimited account status. Only purchases directly from Steam count towards access to unlimited features.


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