SOLVED: Shortcuts are Opening in Microsoft Word

The computer usage varies by user, but one thing they all have in common is that they use applications or a software program for routine tasks. It can be an internet browser for browsing the World Wide Web or a game you play for your leisure. But if the applications that make your computer operational stop working, it can add to a very unpleasant experience and disrupt day to day activities. In this case, when files have their associations changed (eg: a jpg file trying to open with Microsoft Word), it can become a real mess trying to access those programs and files for which the association has been corrupted. Usually, this happens due to the user incorrectly assigning a program to an incorrect file.

In this particular issue, all your shortcuts are automatically configured to open with Microsoft Word which changes the registry setting.

Solution 1: Edit Windows Registry

Hold the Windows key and Press R. In the run dialog box, type regedit and Press Enter. Click Yes if the User Account Control warning message appears. Registry Editor window will open.


In the left pane, Double Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER to expand it. Underneath it, Double click on Software to expand it.

Similarly navigate to


Make sure FileExts is expanded in the left pane. Under it, search for a folder named .Ink. Right Click on it and Click Delete. Confirm the warning message.

shortcuts opening with word

Restart your system. Check if the issue is resolved. If not, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Create a New User Account and Copy Data from Old Account to New Account

For the majority, Solution 1 will work but if along with the corrupt associations something else is triggering this behavior, then it would be best to create a new user account.

Click Start and type User accounts in the search box.

In the search results, click on Add or remove user accounts. Manage Accounts window will open.

Click on Create a new account.

Give the account a name (should be unique) not same as your previous account – and select Administrator as the account type. Then choose “Create New Account”

Restart and Log in with your new account. To retrieve data from the previous account, Hold the Windows key and Press E to open Windows explorer. Open the C drive (Where Windows is installed) and open the Users folder.

In the users folder, you will see the new account, and the old account. Open the old account and Copy all folders (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, etc.) from it.

Then, go back to Users folder and open the folder with your new user account’s name. Paste the data you copied from the old account.

Once you know that all your data from the previous account is safely moved, go to the Manage Account window through the method given above.

copy data to new user account

and delete the old account if you want to.


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