Apple’s “Scary Fast” Mac Event Was Shot Entirely on iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple just announced its M3 family of chips, alongside the new MacBook Pro 14-inch & 16-inch, and refreshed the 24-inch iMac, all with brand new Apple silicon. We saw three different versions of the M3: Base, Pro, and Max which are now all built on cutting-edge 3nm process from TSMC.

Apple also killed the 13-inch Touchbar MacBook Pro (good riddance) and replaced it with a cheaper $1600 14-inch MacBook Pro that comes with the base M3 chip. We even got to see a pumpkin in the background of one of the scenes! Or at least Apple’s version of it.

The Halloween spirit is high and alive at Apple

All the new features and goodies announced with the Mac lineup were great, but perhaps the biggest surprise came towards the tail end of the show, where right before it cut to black a message popped up. “This even was shot on iPhone and edited on Mac,” read the tagline and I’ve got to admit I did not see this coming.

Going back to the event, it’s so obvious that the dynamic range was off and the motion looked a little too smooth; not cinematic enough for an Apple presentation. But it fooled me in the moment that this entire event, even the drone footage(!) was shot on an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Of course the latter half of the message is much less exciting as editing footage on Mac is not revolutionary.

Still, this just goes to show the lead Apple has when it comes to video in smartphone cameras and how in the right situations the best camera is truly the one you have with you. UPDATE: Apple released a BTS video for the event, funnily enough the first-ever one for a prerecorded Apple event, which showcases the high-end equipment that aided the iPhone to look so good:

See how it was shot on the iPhone

Huzaifa Haroon

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