Samsung and LG Electronics Ramp Up OLED Production to Maintain Market Monopoly

Investing billions of dollars into additional manufacturing capacity for OLED panels, Samsung Electronics and LG Display are hoping to clinch business for Apple’s iPads and MacBooks and keep away Chinese competitors from this premium market.

Both LG and Samsung are South Korean electronics giants; LG is said to have spent $2.5 billion on manufacturing lines for midsize OLED devices at its Paju facility, while Samsung is supposed to have committed $3.05 billion at its flagship campus in Tangjeong. While the report does not specify how many orders were given to each Korean company, we can assume that Samsung received the lion’s share due to its greater capacity.

With the two manufacturers working together, they have obtained 80% of the global OLED market, but Chinese businesses are gradually trying to establish a presence while simultaneously pursuing a collaboration with Apple. The only company capable of mass-producing OLED panels in both quality and quantity at the moment is BOE, but the display manufacturer is now concentrating on iPhones.

Source: Nikkei Asia


Muhammad Zuhair

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