Samsung President Admits Lagging Behind TSMC, Optimistic For Catching Up Soon

Samsung’s president of Device Solutions has acknowledged that the company’s foundry business lags behind TSMC and expressed confidence in catching up as soon as feasible. In a lecture on ‘Samsung Semiconductor’s Dream and Happiness: A Sustainable Future‘, President Kyung said:

To be honest, Samsung Electronics’ foundry technology lags behind TSMC. We can outperform TSMC within five years.

President Kyung’s assurance is based on the ‘Gate All Around’ (GAA) technology, which Samsung Electronics started to use for the first time in the world from the 3nm foundry process. GAA is a brand-new technique that accurately regulates the current flowing through a semiconductor while enabling enough power to flow.

In contrast to Samsung Electronics, it is known that TSMC intends to use GAA technology from the 2nm process. As a result of the anticipated challenges in process development brought on by the introduction of new technologies, President Kyung believes Samsung Electronics has a “chance to catch up.”

Currently, Samsung Electronics’ 4nm technology is 2 years behind TSMC and 3nm is about 1 year behind. However, it will be different when TSMC comes to 2nm.

The official made a point of highlighting the fact that significant IT businesses throughout the world are among the foundry’s growing list of clients. This statement can be noted by the fact that several companies such as Apple and Intel have delayed their 3nm orders with TSMC, potentially creating a gap which can be capitalized by Samsung.

According to a report, Samsung provided an update on its 3nm GAA chip progress, indicating a positive outlook. After initial difficulties with its 4nm technology, the business has reportedly achieved yields of 60-70 percent with its next-generation 3nm chips.

Despite the very slow performance of the semiconductor business, Samsung Electronics plans to mass-produce the next-generation process in accordance with the roadmap with no delays announced yet.

Source: Hankyung


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