Fix: Samsung Account Processing Failed

Your Samsung account on the Samsung phone may show processing failed error if the SIM card used in the phone is not supported. Moreover, conflicting applications or ISP restrictions may also cause error under discussion.

This error can occur in many different situations. Some users encountered it when trying to access the Samsung account in the Accounts section of the phone’s settings. In some cases, the users encountered the error when trying to update the OS of the phone. But the most prominent case was when the user’s encountered the issue after factory resetting the device and getting stuck on the Samsung account screen (Samsung factory reset protection kicked-in). The issue is not particular to a specific model of the Samsung phones and can occur on any version of Android OS.

Samsung Processing Failed Error

Before moving on with the solutions to fix the Samsung account, restart your phone and networking equipment (if using Wi-Fi). Moreover, check if the firewall of your router (if having the issue on a Wi-Fi) is disabled.  Also, make sure you are using the email ID and password for the Samsung account (not the Google credentials). Furthermore, keep in mind that your email ID/password is case-sensitive e.g. you may encounter the error when Gmail is used in the ID but not with Gmail.

Solution 1: Clear Cache of the Galaxy Apps

Galaxy Apps use cache to boost performance and improve user experience. However, you may encounter the current processing failed error if the cache of the Galaxy Apps is corrupt. In this context, clearing the cache of your Galaxy Apps may solve the problem. This can be especially helpful if you are encountering the error when updating the phone.

  1. Launch Settings of your phone and open Application Manager.
    Open Application Manager
  2. Now tap on Galaxy Apps and then tap on Storage.
  3. Now tap on Clear Cache and then check if the problem is solved.
    Clear Cache of the Samsung Galaxy Apps

Solution 2: Use Samsung Smart Switch to Update the OS

If you are encountering the error at hand during the updating process of your phone, then the phone can be updated by using Samsung Smart Switch which may solve the problem.

  1. Backup data of your phone (if possible) and fully charge your device.
  2. Now on your PC, Download and install the Samsung Smart Switch.
  3. Now connect the mobile device to the computer with a USB cable and launch Smart Switch on your PC.
  4. If an update for the device is available, you will be prompted to update. Then follow the prompts to complete the update process. Do not power off your system or mobile during the update process. Also, do not remove the USB cable until the completion of the process. Moreover, do not use the phone for any purpose during the update process.
    Update Firmware of Your Samsung Mobile
  5. After completion of the update process, check if the processing failed error has been resolved.

Solution 3: Reinsert the SIM

You may encounter the error under discussion if your phone is not recognizing the SIM. In this context, removing the SIM and setting up your phone by using Wi-Fi may solve the problem. You can also try another SIM with a different prefix.

  1. Power off your phone and remove the battery of your phone (if possible).
  2. Now remove the SIM card from your phone.
    Remove SIM Card from the Mobile
  3. Now power on your phone and join a Wi-Fi network (try to use a hotspot from another Samsung phone).
  4. Then try to sign-in using your Samsung account and check if the problem is solved.
  5. If so, install all the products related to Samsung and make sure that the sync for the account is enabled.
  6. Then reinsert the SIM. If you are a frequent international traveler, then try to use an international SIM (previously used with the phone).

Solution 4: Try Another Network

This error might also occur if your network is blocking access to a system resource vital for the operation of your phone. In this scenario, using another network may solve the problem.

  1. Disconnect your phone from the current network.
  2. Now switch to another network and check if the problem is solved.
  3. If not, then try to use a hotspot of a Samsung mobile phone and check if the problem is solved.

Solution 5: Remove Conflicting Applications from the Phone

Applications co-exist in the Android environment and share resources. You may encounter the error at hand if any of the applications is interfering with the operation of the Samsung account. In this context, removing the conflicting applications may solve the problem. You may have to look for the apps that can affect the internet connectivity of your mobile phone like antivirus or adblocking application e.g. Blokada is known to create the issue.

  1. Launch Settings of your phone and open Application Manager.
  2. Then find and tap on the problematic application e.g. Blokada.
  3. Now tap on Force Stop and then tap on the Uninstall button.
    Uninstall Blokada
  4. Now restart your phone and then check if the problem is solved.

Solution 6: Disable Developer Options in the Phone’s Settings

Developer Options are advanced hidden settings in Android phones which are mainly used for debugging and application development purposes. You may encounter the error under discussion if any setting of the said options is interfering in the internet connectivity of your phone. In this case, disabling the Developer Options may solve the problem.

  1. Open Settings of your phone and tap on Developer Options.
  2. Now disable the option of Don’t Keep Activities and then check if the problem is solved.
    Disable Don’t Keep Activities and Developer Options
  3. If not, then disable Developer Options and check if the problem is solved.

Solution 7: Log in to Galaxy/Samsung Apps

If the problem has started to occur after a recent update of the Galaxy/Samsung Apps, then you have to sign-in to the Galaxy Apps to get rid of the error. This is particularly helpful if you encountered the error when accessing the Sync menu of your Samsung account on the phone.

  1. Launch Galaxy/Samsung Apps.
  2. Log in using the credentials of your Samsung account and then check if the problem is solved.

Solution 8: Use Online Samsung Account in a PC Browser to Clear Your Account

Different factors can impact your ability to sign-in your account on your phone such as new terms and conditions of the Samsung account (which are not accepted by you) or enabled Two Factor Verification (if your phone does not support the operation). You can use a web browser on your PC to clear the issue with your account.

  1. Launch a web browser and open the Samsung account page.
  2. Now, sign-in using your credentials and if prompted, then accept new terms and conditions.
  3. Then check if the problem is solved on your phone.
  4. If not, open Settings of your phone and tap on Lock Screen and Security. (Skip directly to step 11 if you cannot change Settings of your phone).
  5. Now tap on Secure Lock Settings and then disable Local Network and Security.
    Open Secure Lock Settings
  6. Now open Help Content Page of Samsung on the web browser of your PC.
  7. Then click on 1:1 Enquiry and sign-in using your Samsung credentials.
    Open 1:1 Enquiry in Samsung Help
  8. Now open Galaxy Apps on your phone and log-in using the credentials.
  9. Then open your Samsung account in Settings>>Accounts and check if the problem is solved.
  10. If not, log-in to your Samsung account on a PC browser.
  11. Now navigate to Security and then to Two-step verification. If it is disabled, then enable it. Then after a few minutes, check if the problem is solved.
    Open Two Factor Verification Settings of Your Samsung Account
  12. If not, then disable Two-step verification and follow solution 3 to check if the problem is solved.
  13. If not, open the Samsung Account in a PC browser (do not sign-in) and then click on the Sign-in button.
  14. Now click on Find ID or Reset Password link.
    Click on Find ID & Password Link
  15. Now navigate to the Reset Password tab and enter your email ID. Then click on the Next button.
    Reset Password of Your Samsung Account
  16. Then open your email client and check for the password resetting email. Now follow the link in the email to reset your password. Do not use any special characters in the password, just use upper case, lower case letters mixed with numbers, and keep the password length to 8 characters.
  17. Now launch a private/incognito window of your browser and sign-in to the Samsung Account using the new password.
  18. Now wait for at least 24 hours and then try to sign-in using the new password on your phone to check if the problem is solved.

Solution 9: Use Quick Shortcut Maker to Setup Your Samsung Device

If nothing has worked for you so far, then there is a workaround that can let you bypass the Samsung account page. This method is targeted to open the Play Store and then use the Quick Shortcut Maker application to add the Samsung account to the phone.

  1. Type a single word like m in the ID field of the Samsung Account login screen and then tap on the link of Forgot Your ID and Password.
    Tap on the Link of Forgot Your ID or Password
  2. Now tap on the Terms and Conditions.
    Tap on Terms and Conditions
  3. Now select a word on the screen and then tap on the Share icon.
    Click on the Share Icon
  4. Now tap on Gmail.
    Click on the Gmail Icon
  5. Now tap on the Skip button and then tap on Add an Email Account.
    Click on Add an Email Address
  6. Then select Google and log in using your Google account.
  7. Now tap on Take Me to Gmail link.
    Tap on Take Me to Gmail
  8. Now compose an email and tap on the vertical ellipsis. Then tap on Help & Feedback.
    Tap on Help & Feedback
  9. Now tap on Feedback and then tap on Privacy Policy.
    Tap on Privacy Policy
  10. Now in the list of applications, select Chrome and then tap on Just Once.
    Select Chrome
  11. Then in Chrome, tap on the Google icon.
  12. Now search for Quick Shortcut Maker and then tap on the result from the Google Play.
    Open Quick Shortcut Maker in Google Play Store
  13. Then in the list of the applications, select Play Store and tap on Just Once.
  14. Now click on the Install button and then launch the Quick Shortcut Maker.
    Quick Shortcut Maker
  15. Then search for Settings in the search box of the Shortcut application and then in the list of results shown, tap on the Settings icon.
    Open Settings in Quick Shortcut Maker
  16. Now switch to the General tab of the Settings window and then tap on Accounts.
  17. Then tap on Add Account and in the list of accounts provider, select Samsung Account.
  18. Now click on the Sign-in button and then use your Samsung credentials to log in to the Samsung account.
  19. Then in the list of accounts, tap on Samsung Account and wait for the completion of the sync process.
  20. Now tap on the back button twice and in the Settings window, click on Backup and Reset.
    Tap on Backup and Reset
  21. Now tap on Factory Data Reset and then tap on the Reset Device button.
  22. Now tap on the Delete All button and then wait for the completion of the reset process.
  23. Upon restart, set up your device and sign in using your Samsung Account credentials. Hopefully, the problem is solved.

If you are still having issues, then try to downgrade the OS of your phone (if the issue started after the OS update). If that is not the option then try to flash the firmware of your device (do not try if you do not know what you are doing). Moreover, if you are using a rooted ROM, then you have to flash a stock ROM to your phone.


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