Ryan Shrout Bids Farewell to Intel

Ryan Shrout, Senior Director of Client Strategy, Graphics, and AI at Intel has decided to step down from his position. Ryan was renowned for working with Intel while developing Arc alongside fellow peers. This sudden announcement came in the form of a Tweet, with little to no information regarding Ryan’s future plans. 

Ryan Shrout Says Goodbye to Intel

Over a longstanding journey of 5 years, Ryan played an integral role in the Arc division. Alongside the likes of Raja Koduri and Tom Peterson, we would often see Ryan Shrout detailing and delving into the building blocks of Arc’s underlying architecture.

Likewise, it can be said that Ryan’s role was essential to Arc, given how the project suffered many ups and downs. Moreover, Ryan seldom wrote articles pertaining to Intel Arc and would showcase new and improved drivers and features in the form of benchmarks.

The 25th of September marked Ryan’s last day at Intel. He has announced to spend the next couple of weeks with his family, unveiling future plans at a later date. 

Scott Herkleman Follows Suit

Coincidentally, over at Team Red, Scott Herkleman, the Chief of AMD Radeon announced his departure just yesterday. This chain of events will very likely upset both giants. Rubbing salt into the wound, Raja Koduri, Chief Architect and Executive Vice President of Intel’s graphics division also parted ways with Intel early this year.

Intel’s GPU department saw many talented faces come and go. All these major contributors were vital to designing Intel’s first modern GPU architecture. These efforts have laid down foundation for forthcoming generations; Battlemage being one of them.

It will be exciting to see whoever replaces Ryan Shrout and how both companies respond to these sudden changes. 

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