Raja Koduri Leaves Intel

Just recently, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has confirmed that Raja Koduri is leaving Intel. Raja Koduri was the head of Intel’s AXG department and a key player behind the Xe architecture. Reportedly, Raja will part ways with Intel by the end of March.

Raja Koduri to Leave Intel

CEO of Intel, Pat Gelsinger highlighted that the chief architect and EVP of Intel’s architecture, graphics and software division, Raja Koduri will no longer work with Intel. This is all a part of Intel’s recent reorganization process.

Raja Koduri has worked with the likes of AMD and Apple before joining Intel. He led the Radeon Technology Group to design architectures such as Polaris, Vega and Navi. Similarly, his role with Apple enabled the giant to transition to high-resolution Retina displays for Mac computers.

After leaving AMD in 2017, Raja joined Intel and worked with them for a total of 6 years. He plans to start a new software startup, moving on to the next chapter in his life. Raja Koduri will share more details regarding this new project in the upcoming weeks.

This recent news of Raja Koduri leaving Intel has sparked up some controversy which now puts the fate of Arc in limbo.


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