RTX 4090 Mobile GPU Tested in Geekbench, Faster Than the RTX 3090 Desktop

The Fastest Laptop GPU in History

A couple of days back, the RTX 4080M or mobile GPU was tested in Geekbench. That GPU performed similarly to the RTX 3080 desktop which was mind-blowing. Recently, the RTX 4090M has been tested using Geekbench and it performs better than the RTX 3090 Desktop. It is amazing to see how well Ada can scale at lower power levels. 

The RTX 4090 Mobile

We present to you, the fastest mobile GPU in history, the RTX 4090 Mobile. What’s better is that the test bench, or laptop pairs this GPU with the i9-13900HX. Okay, hold your horses because yesterday we covered the i9-13980HX. That is the fastest mobile CPU as of now, not the 13900HX. In any case, the performance is by no means slow. These next-gen mobile products rip apart their last-gen desktop counterparts.

The RTX 4090M houses 76 SMs which equates to 9728 Cuda cores. This is quite the increase from the RTX 4080M which features just 7424 Cuda cores. The laptop used is packed with 32GB of memory, which appears to be the norm for next-gen gaming laptops. The GPU clocked at a max frequency of 2.04GHz

RTX 4090 Mobile in Geekbench

The RTX 4090M attains 210290 points in Geekbench using the OpenCL API. Firstly, this is insane for a mobile GPU. Let us give you some context. The RTX 3090 (Desktop) scores 205k points in the same test. We did predict this in our RTX 4080M coverage. But even then, it is shocking to see how well Ada performs in the mobile segment. AMD has got some serious competition this time around.  

RTX 4090 Mobile in Geekbench

We currently know a few Ada mobile GPUs courtesy of a prior leak, which are as follows:

  1. RTX 4090 16GB
  2. RTX 4080 12GB
  3. RTX 4070 8GB
  4. RTX 4060 8GB

If things go accordingly, the RTX 4070M and RTX 4060M should be on par with the RTX 3070 and the RTX 3060. Now, one thing is uncertain. The RTX 4090M will surely consume a lot of power if it is performing similarly to the RTX 3090. That is a concern, especially if you like to keep a check on the thermals. Also, the battery life will be limited. However, you do get the extra perk of portable 4K gaming.


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