RTX 4080 Mobile Tested in Geekbench, On Par With the Desktop RTX 3080

Recently, NVIDIA’s RTX 4080 Mobile GPU has been tested in Geekbench using the OpenCL API. We know quite well that along with the RTX 4070 Ti, NVIDIA may also showcase its upcoming Ada mobility GPUs. In any case, the performance is actually quite impressive, almost being on par with the RTX 3080 (Desktop).

RTX 4080 Mobile

The RTX 4080 Mobile is NVIDIA’s upcoming product, expected to be announced at CES 2023. This GPU is equipped with 58 SMs which translates to 7424 Cuda cores (128 Cuda cores per SM). The GPU was running at a maximum frequency of 2.01GHz and ships with 12GB of GDDR6(X?) memory.

In addition, the laptop from Acer also features Intel’s yet-to-launch i9-13900HX CPU. The CPU has a base frequency of 2.2GHz which is boosted to 4.47GHz during the test. The core/thread count is similar to the desktop i9-13900K, at 24 cores / 32 threads. Similarly, the device itself houses 32GB of RAM.

RTX 4080 Mobile Test Bench | Geekbench


In Geekbench, the RTX 4080M scores 178038 points which is quite incredible, to be honest. This score is neck to neck against the RTX 3080 desktop from Ampere. Now one should note that this score will change according to the TDP of the GPU, which varies quite a lot. For reference, the RTX 3080M manages to obtain 135324 points. Furthermore, this is not the highest-end Ada SKU as NVIDIA is planning to launch an RTX 4090M as well. 

RTX 4080 Mobile OpenCL Score

We currently know a few Ada mobile GPUs courtesy of a prior leak. The RTX 4090M should perform similarly to the RTX 3090 if things go as planned for NVIDIA. 

  1. RTX 4090 16GB
  2. RTX 4080 12GB
  3. RTX 4070 8GB
  4. RTX 4060 8GB


NVIDIA could announce the Ada Lovelace mobile GPUs at CES 2023. As for Intel, we will see the H/HK/HX 13th-generation CPUs unveiled at the same event. Are you excited about these next-gen gaming laptops? Tell us in the comments below.


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