[UPDATED] NVIDIA RTX 40 ‘SUPER’ GPUs Have the Same TDP as the Non-Super Series

Update: MEGAsizeGPU has provided us with the respective GPU codenames set to be used for the RTX 40 SUPER refresh.

Kopite who recently revealed potential RTX 40 ‘SUPER’ specs, reports that these GPUs will have TDPs similar to their non-Super counterparts. This is a significant revelation since the Super lineup has significantly beefed up specs.

RTX 40 SUPER: Same Power Consumption as non-SUPER

Currently, we know of 3 GPUs from the Ada Lovelace Super lineup. These include the RTX 4080 Super, the RTX 4070 Ti Super, and the RTX 4070 Super. As per this leak, NVIDIA will launch the RTX 4080 Super with a TDP of 320W, the RTX 4070 Ti Super with 285W, and the RTX 4070 Super with 220W.

Importantly, we are unsure if these numbers indicate the TDP or the TGP. However, another user mentions Kopite is probably referring to the TDP.

It is worth mentioning that only the RTX 4070 Super sees a 10% uptick in the power consumption. This is still surprising since it packs 20% more cores than the stock RTX 4070. Let’s go over the ‘updated’ specifications of the aforementioned GPUs.

– RTX 4080 Super 20GB

The RTX 4080 Super will feature the full-fat AD103 die with 10240 FP32 Units (CUDA cores). It hosts 20GB of GDDR6X memory which can net a near 1TB/s (~960GB/s) of effective bandwidth (24Gbps, 320-bit interface). Despite these improvements, it still consumes only 320W of power.

Graphics CardGPUCUDA CoresVRAMMemory BusTDP
RTX 4080AD103-300-A1978216GB256-bit320W
RTX 4080 SuperAD103-4001024020GB320-bit320W

– RTX 4070 Ti Super

The RTX 4070 Ti Super, yes we double-checked the name, will use a cut-down AD103 (AD103-275) variant. Nonetheless, it still has 8448 CUDA cores, 10% more than the RTX 4070 Ti Super.

Graphics CardGPUCUDA CoresVRAMMemory BusTDP
RTX 4070 TiAD104-400-A1768012GB192-bit285W
RTX 4070 TI SuperAD103-2758448285W

The memory configuration is unknown, however, it should have at least 16GB of VRAM, which is the baseline set by the RTX 4070 Super. The RTX 4070 Ti Super is rumored to have a TDP of 285W.

– RTX 4070 Super 16GB

Lastly, we have the RTX 4070 Super, built using the AD104-350 chip. This GPU will ship with 7168 CUDA cores, 48MB of L2 cache, and a 220W TDP. In correspondence with previous rumors, the RTX 4070 Super could pack 16GB of memory.

Graphics CardGPUCUDA CoresVRAMMemory BusTDP
RTX 4070AD104-250/251-A1588812GB192-bit200W
RTX 4070 SuperAD104-350716816GB256-bit220W

Release Date

NVIDIA might make an announcement at CES 2024 regarding the RTX 40 Super series. The existence of these GPUs is warranted by the recent US ban on RTX 4090 sales in China. More on that here. We will keep you updated in case anything new comes up.

Source: Kopite


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