US Government to Halt RTX 4090 Sales in China from 17th November

As an update to our previous article, it has been confirmed by many sources that the RTX 4090 ban will still go through. For the unaware, the US Government recently imposed a number of restrictions on GPUs sold in China, mainly on the basis of their performance levels.

Today, sources allege that the RTX 4090 will be banned in China starting from the 17th of November.

RTX 4090 Ban in Effect

Last week, an 8-K SEC report from NVIDIA supposedly removed the RTX 4090 from the list of banned GPUs. This no longer seems the case as MyDrivers confirms that the RTX 4090 ban will go as planned and NVIDIA is not allowed to sell any RTX 4090 GPUs in China from 17th November.

According to the latest news, many AIC brands have confirmed that the RTX 4090 series will be completely banned in China after November 17.


This will surely instill panic in the Chinese community, as we already saw prices skyrocketing a few weeks prior. To sort of circumvent this ban, AICs have been reportedly stockpiling AD102 chips to manufacture as many RTX 4090s as possible.

It is very much probable that these tactics act as a failsafe, in-case the ban is imposed. It is very important to note that there has been no official confirmation from NVIDIA about the situation.

Paving Way for the ‘SUPER’ Lineup?

Moreover, there is speculation that only the AD102 chip falls under the list of banned GPUs. NVIDIA, as leaked previously, can simply make an RTX 4080 Super using AD103 to counteract this problem.

Nonetheless, the RTX 4090 prices in China are expected to go through the roof. Post-incident, users will have to pay a significant markup if they want to get their hands on an RTX 4090. This situation is not expected to change until NVIDIA launches its RTX 40 Super series, sometime early next year.

Source: MyDrivers, MEGAsizeGPU


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