Rogue Company Won’t Launch? Try these fixes

Many players reported the constant crashing of Rogue Company. In this article, we will discuss how to fix Rogue Company Won’t launch or it crashes at starting or lag with the FPS drop.

Error_ Rogue Company Won't Launch
Error_ Rogue Company Won’t Launch

Here are some causes due to which Rogue Company won’t launch properly

  • Outdated GPU Drivers: these outdated graphics drivers may cause trouble with graphics output, Wi-Fi connectivity, and video resolution of the game. These issues affect the overall performance of your computer.
  • In-Game Overlay: While we play with games we connect with discord or steam by default. It helps with interaction with friends, online order placements, and chatting. It can cause a problem with the game performance. You can simply disable the in-game overlay from the program you are using.
  • Outdated Window Updates: If the window is not updated from time to time, it can slow down the system. They affect the efficiency of the running app and can invalidate the activity you are performing on your system.
  • Hardware Acceleration: Hardware acceleration connects the PC components with Discord. But if Hardware Acceleration does not work properly it can damage the inferior machines. Turning off this feature can help in the smooth launching of the game.

1. Update the Graphics Drivers:

The graphic drivers are responsible for every pixel of your computer screen. These graphic drivers control the video resolutions, games, images, video streams, and even texts. Updating the drivers will help you to launch the games effectively. So, here are a few steps that can help you in updating the Graphics drivers if Rogue Company Won’t Open.

  1. You can simply right-click on My PC and then go to Manage Option.
  2. Now select Device Manager.
  3. Chose Display manager and select Update Graphics Intel (R) HD Graphics 620.
    Update Graphic Drivers
    Update Graphics Drivers if Rogue Company Won’t Launch
  4. Now relaunch the game.

Windows have their own installed graphic drivers but users can also install other drivers for better performance. In case you are using some other graphics drivers, such as Radeon you can adopt the following procedure.

  1. Click on the Radeon drivers from the right side of the taskbar.
  2. Go on the Home
  3. The update options are available on the right side of the Radeon screen. Click on Download
    Update Radeon Graphic Drivers
    Update Radeon Graphic Drivers
  4. Now relaunch the game.

2. Disable games Overlay

During the game, Overlay allows you to interact with your friend, chat and place orders from other platforms like Discord, Steam, or NVIDIA GeForce Experience. This feature is usually turned on by default. But this function can cause problems with games performance. So, if you are facing this issue and using any of the above programs, you can simply disable the in-game overlay. Here are some steps to resolve this issue

Disable the Stream Overlay

  1. Open the Steam app and click on the Steam option from the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Now go to the Settings and chose the In-Game option.
  3. So, uncheck the box of “Enabling the steam overlay while in games”.
    Disable Steam Overlay
    Disable Steam Overlay
  4. Click the OK button and Refresh the system.

Disable the Discord overlay

  1. Open the Discord app and go to the User Settings Icon, present at the left bottom of the screen.
  2. Now go to the Voice &Video
  3. Scroll down and go to the Advanced Option.
  4. Now disable the option “Open H264 Video Codec Systems, Inc”. (Disabling this option will also disable the hardware-accelerated video encoding).
    Disabling Overlay
    Disabling Overlay
  5. Now go to the user settings again and click on the Game Overlay
  6. From here, disable the option of “Enable the in-game overlay”.
    Disabling In-Game Overlay
    Disabling In-Game Overlay
  7. Now, click on the advanced option from the user settings.
  8. Disable the Hardware Acceleration and press OK.
    Disabling Hardware Acceleration
    Disabling Hardware Acceleration
  9. Now restart your system and launch the Rogue company again

3. Update your Windows

If the above technique is not working you can go with updating the windows. It is very important to update the windows from time to time. It helps in the enhancement of features. Updating the windows allows security updates to remove Malware and Virus attacks on your computer. This feature updates the outdated programs that can cause damage to your PC. Here are the steps which will help you in updating the windows.

  1. Go on the start menu and search for windows setting Updates
  2. If it is not updated, click on the Check for updates
    update windows to fix error
    Update Windows
  3. Once the window gets updated, you can launch the game.
  4. If still, it does not work, you can uninstall the recently installed updates.

4. Remove the Temporary Files

If you are still facing the problem, you can remove the temporary files. It is usually done when you have less storage capacity. Deleting them will give free space to useful files and to the game you want to launch. Before deleting temporary files it is important to close the program you are trying to launch. Because temporary files won’t delete if the respective program is in running on your system. The following steps will help you in deleting the temporary files.

  1. Press the window key + R from your keyboard.
  2. Type, %temp%. A bunch of temporary files will open.
    Search for Temporary Files
    Search for Temporary Files
  3. Now press the Ctrl + A Press the Shift key + Delete Key from the keyboard to delete all the files.
    Deleting the Temp File
    Deleting the Temp File

5. Verify the Games Files using EPIC Games

If you are still facing the issue in launching the game, verify the game’s files. It will compare the systems files with the steam server. It will repair and change the corrupted files. Verifying the game’s files will help in installing the game up to date. Here are the steps that help the Rogue Company gamers to verify the integrity of the game’s files. So, follow the steps in sequence.

  1. Open the Epic Game. Log In to the account by adding your User Id and Password.
  2. Press the Three-Dot icon from the top left side of the screen.
  3. Move to the Rogue Company game interface by going to Library.
  4. Select Verify the files will start to verify. It can take some minutes because of the large size of the files.
    Verifying Game Files using EPIC Games
    Verifying Game Files using EPIC Games
  5. After verifying the files, relaunch the game.

6. Set Default Speed of CPU and Graphics Drivers

From the very first day, some of the users want to have the ultra-high performance of their CPU and GPU.  They usually purchase an overclocked version or they manually increase the speed of overclocking. If doing so, crashes the Rogue company games, simply set the speed to the default mode. There are some applications and tools that will help you out in lowering the clocking speed such as Zotac Firestorm Application or MSI Afterburner tool. Once you set the clocking speed to default mode, Relaunch the game.


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