How to Fix “Error Code: 111” Join Error on Roblox?

Roblox Error Code 111 triggers when the Roblox Server is down. This issue is resolved by the developers. This error message also appears when there is an improper system shutdown due to a power outage, slow internet connections, improper game installation, or a blocked Roblox Account.

Fix Roblox Error Code 111
Fix Roblox Error Code 111

 Here are some possible reasons why “Roblox Error Code 111” appears;

  • Roblox Server Issue: When the Roblox developers want to make changes in the application, or a problem appears from their side, they shut down the Server for maintenance, and the user cannot play the game. So, please wait for a few hours until they fix the issue.
  • Improper Installation: There may be insufficient space on  your Disk, or the files are missing due to a poor internet connection. Moreover, your system might have some viruses which corrupt the Roblox files during installation.
  • Banned Roblox Account: When the user starts scamming or uses inappropriate behavior that violates the Roblox Community Guidelines, they temporarily ban the user’s account. So, when a user tries to log in, an error appears. So, check if your account is working or blocked.
  • Outdated Game Version: If you do not update Roblox, it stops functioning, and an error appears. In this case, install all the available updates. Sometimes, the new updates have a solution to fix the error. So, make sure to install them regularly.
  • Poor Internet Connection: When the connection is poor, Roblox does not work on the system, and an error appears. To resolve this issue, use a fast and stable internet connection and check if the problem resolve or not.
  • VPN Interference: In Roblox, VPN changes the operator’s location. But sometimes, Roblox does not configure the location and stops responding to the user ID. So, disconnect the VPN for Roblox to resolve this issue.

1. Restart your system

Before applying any troubleshooting process, restart your system. The filled cache or RAM stops loading new programs if your PC is getting temporary glitches. These glitches usually occur because of old cookies. Restarting the device will remove these glitches from the system, refresh its contents, eliminate possible hardware issues and tweak the computer performance. So, reboot your computer and check if the error appears.

2. Check Roblox status

When the Server is down, a Roblox error appears, and the user fails to play the game. So, check the server status before applying any troubleshooting method. Because when there is a problem with the Server, the game developers fix the error. It takes some time. You need to wait for two to three hours and then check if a problem occurs or not. Here are some steps you can follow to check the server status of Roblox.

  1. Open your Web Browser—type Roblox Server Status.
  2. Click the official website of Roblox to check its status.
  3. Now scrolls down and check for the recent available issues there.
  4. If found any issues,  just wait for a couple of hours before trying to launch the Roblox. The game developers will fix the problem.
    Check the Roblox Server Status
    Check the Roblox Server Status

3. Sign out and sign in again

Sometimes, Roblox keeps on crashing and stops responding to your account. The issue can be with your account. So, try to sign out and sign in again. It is an easy thing to do, but if the problem is temporary. So, follow the below steps;

  1. Click on the Gear Icon from the top right and click on the Logout option.
  2. Again press the logout. Now click the login option and add the credentials.
  3. Once you sign in again, launch the game and check if an error appears.
    Relogin to Roblox Account
    Re-login to Roblox Account

4. Start a new server

Sometimes the error occurs because of your Server. In this case, you can shift to some other server. Roblox usually creates a new server if the connection is not good or the client’s Server runs poorly on the first Server. So, follow the below steps to switch your Server;

  1. Open the Roblox player. Go to the Home Screen and select the game that you want to play.
  2. Now click Server and select the “Create Private Server” option if you want to purchase.
  3. But if you want to play free, go below to Other Servers and click on Join. Or create a server with your friends by inviting at least five friends to a game.
  4. Next, press the Play button and check if the error appears.
    Change Your Server
    Change Your Server o Fix Roblox Error Code 111

5. Unlink and Relink your Account (for PS4)

If you are getting a Roblox error, try unlinking your account from Roblox and see if this helps or not. But before it, you have to know how many other devices are linked to your Roblox account. After checking, unlink your accounts from all devices and fix it with the device on which you are facing the error. Here are the steps for unlinking the account;

  1. Press the X Settings Option and access the Settings Menu.
  2. Now choose the Account option.
    Open Roblox Settings
    Open Roblox Settings
  3. Press the Unlink option. Select Confirm. Once the account is unlinked, log in to the Roblox account and relink it. Hopefully, the error will be no longer.
    Unlink Your Roblox Account
    Unlink Your Roblox Account

6. Check the Internet Connection

This error occurs when the internet is slow. You should confirm that your device links to a fast internet connection. You can change the router or can sit near it. Also, try that no other device is connected to the same router. After doing this, turn off your Wi-Fi system and then turn it on. Restart your device and router if the speed is low. Then, open your game and check if the problem appears.

7. Disconnect VPN

VPN is another reason for the Roblox error 111. The VPN changes your network location. The anti-cheat considers it suspicious. If your VPN keeps disconnecting and rejoining, you can lose your Data packets between your device and the Server. This can cause problems with your router, VPN client, or network connection. so disable VPN and relaunch the game.

  1. Go to the taskbar on the VPN icon; the dashboard will open.
  2. Now Click on disconnect. Then, Restart your PC and open the game to check if the error fixes or not.

8. Reinstall Roblox

If none of the above methods can help you to solve the problem, you should reinstall the game. Some short-term bugs can initiate the issue, which crashes the game files, and errors appear. So, reinstall Roblox to solve the issue.

  1. Press Windows Key + I and open the Windows Settings.
  2. Select the App from the left panel and then go to Apps & Features.
  3. Now search for Roblox. Click the three-dotted icon and press Uninstall option.
    Reinstall Roblox
  4. So, open the Web browser, download the Roblox from its official website, and check if the error appears.

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