How to Remove Parental Controls from an Account on Windows 7/8 and 10

Microsoft offers parental controls in all their devices and operating systems to ensure that children do not access things that are not appropriate for their age. It is one exceedingly helpful feature but it can bother users a lot if it is constantly turned on. It would not let an adult who have the right to use every feature access everything either. Thus, turning it off is as significant as turning it on.

Different versions of Windows have different programs maintaining Family Safety. Consequently, there are different methods to turn them off. This article lists all methods that can be adopted to undo Family Safety in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 10.

For Windows 7 with Parental Control on

Hit the Start button on the extreme left of the taskbar. In the column on the right, you will find Control Panel. Click on the heading that says User Accounts and Family Safety. Once you are in it, you will see Parental Controls. Click on it and set it to off. This will turn off the parental controls that might be on for any user account.

For Windows 7, Vista and XP with Windows Essentials

Go to Control Panel as aforementioned and click Uninstall a Program that would be under the heading of Programs. In the list of programs populated, search for Windows Essentials. Select it and click Uninstall/Change. This option will be at the top of the list beside Organize. Next, uncheck the checkbox beside Family Safety and continue. Follow the rest of the instructions shown.

Now that this is done, you have completed half of the task. Restart your system to make your machine adapt the changes you have made. After this, open a web browser and type and sign in with the account that was used to set up the family. To remove yourself from safety, you will first have to remove all the children. For this, click Select a child to remove or edit their settings. Once you are here, select children one by one and remove them. You will now have to return to the main family webpage and select remove written above the section named Adults. Select yourself and hit remove. Your account is now finally free from parental controls.

For Windows 10

Open a web browser and type in the address bar. In the webpage that opens, sign in with your account. You will now have two sections, adults and children. Select the one you want to remove from privacy. If you want to remove yourself, you will be in the adult section. However, you will have to remove all the children before you remove yourself.  Go in either of the section, select the account you want to remove from privacy and click Remove.


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