Reddit Thread Reveals that Oneplus May be Aiming for a Side-by-Side Release with Google For Android 10

Android is a platform that is omnipresent around the world now. While different companies may opt for different iterations of it, impose personal skins, the main platform is still the same. Due to these personalisations, developers take time to roll out updates to there devices. Therefore, the more a firmware is close to stock android the quicker it gets these updates.

Oneplus uses OxygenOS or Hydrogen OS in its devices. The firmware is mostly clean and devoid of any bloatware from the company. It does open up some extra options which aren’t present on Google’s stock firmware but the overall aesthetics are pretty similar. According to a recent article by PhoneArena, Oneplus is aiming for a release of the latest version of Android, Version 10, to roll out with the Pixel devices (the first ones to get it).

While it does seem like a longshot, Oneplus does aim to roll out its latest version of Oxygen OS with the Google release. The news is reported by a Reddit thread which continues a discussion between a customer and a sales rep from the company. According to the Sales Rep, OnePlus is aiming for a same-day release of its firmware as Google. Given that Google is releasing it on the 3rd of September, the sales rep confirms that it would be the day Oneplus does that as well.

While the conversation on the thread does make it quite apparent that Oneplus is aiming for that date, there are still a bunch of unknowns in the equation. Usually, companies take a while, not only to add their touch to the firmware but to optimize it according to their devices. While Oneplus’ claim does excite one, in the beginning, it raises the question of whether Oneplus would be able to debug and optimize Android 10 for its devices. Again, there is still no official announcement from the company and from my experience, it seems like a longshot. Perhaps further updates from Oneplus officials would clarify the details and confirm whether it is true or not. One thing is for sure though, the company would definitely be one of the first to roll out the latest version, at least for its flagships: The OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro.


Sarmad Burki

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