Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Death Stranding & Resident Evil 4 Remake Coming to iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro, according to Apple, marks the “next generation of mobile gaming,” with support for console and PC games that were previously inaccessible on smartphones.

The iPhone 15 Pro is getting a number of AAA titles, including Resident Evil 4 Remake, Resident Evil Village, Death Stranding, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, as revealed at today’s Apple Wonderlust Event. Apple also hinted at significant speed improvements and ray tracing for iPhone games.

This is a significant milestone for mobile gaming since the release of Assassin’s Creed Mirage on the iPhone 15 Pro will be the first time a console/PC Assassin’s Creed game will operate natively on iOS. Not to be confused with cloud streaming or the future mobile-only Assassin’s Creed game, it looks like the full edition of Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be accessible on the iPhone 15 Pro.

In terms of release dates, Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, and Death Stranding will be available for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max later this year, while Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be available in the first half of 2024.

Apple claims that the pro-class GPU is 20% faster, with a 6-core architecture that improves peak performance and energy efficiency. According to Apple, the A17 Pro offers “next-level mobile gaming with fast, efficient performance and hardware-accelerated ray tracing.


Farhan Ali

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