Qualcomm Commissions TSMC and Samsung Foundry to Develop 2nm Chip Prototypes

The next flagship 2nm Snapdragon SoCs may come from Samsung.

The world’s leading foundries—TSMC and Samsung, are on track to start mass-producing their respective 2nm SoCs in 2025 while stabilizing 3nm yields. But, the question of how successful each of these will be in securing the big fish remains unanswered. Samsung Foundry has lost several potential clients, including Qualcomm, to TSMC in the past, but it now has an opportunity to win back the world’s leading chip maker.

Samsung and TSMC to Compete for Qualcomm’s Next-Gen Flagship 2nm Chip Orders

According to sources, Qualcomm has commissioned Samsung Foundry to develop the 2nm mobile AP prototype, likely for the chipmaker’s next flagship SoCs. These prototypes are usually required to evaluate the performance and yield for a specific foundry. TSMC has reportedly also received the same orders.

Last week, it was reported that Samsung had secured its first 2nm chip client, although the name wasn’t disclosed. According to this report, however, the customer might be Qualcomm.

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Both foundries will provide Qualcomm with a “multi-project wafer” service, where they will fabricate multiple semiconductor prototypes on a single wafer. This is an economical route for prototyping and allows the client to make evaluations based on feasibility and financial costs. This prototyping usually takes about six months, and Qualcomm will most likely make the final call based on these chips.

The decision will be made within a year, which safely coincides with the roadmap both TSMC and Samsung have given to start mass production of 2nm chips by 2025. In the 1st generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen x SoCs, Qualcomm entrusted Samsung with producing these chips but later switched to TSMC for the 8+ Gen 1. Since then, it hasn’t turned back, so this will be a massive opportunity for the South Korean tech giant to win back one of the largest mobile AP clients in the world right now.

TSMC has its hands full for 2nm production as Apple has secured most of its initial 2nm chips. Qualcomm’s 8 Gen 4 chips are manufactured on TSMC’s 3nm process node. On the other hand, Samsung is busy with the production of Exynos 2500, based on the SF3 process node.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: ETNews


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