How to Print Google Doc with Comments on Any Device

Google Docs is a perfect platform allowing the creation and sharing of documents effortlessly. With this tool, you can let others view, comment, or edit your documents, facilitating smooth collaboration and minimizing confusion.

Yet, there’s a catch – when you decide to print these documents, you might notice the comments don’t appear on the printouts. Have you ever wondered how to overcome this small hurdle? How can you ensure that the printed document prints all those valuable comments?

Don’t worry; we have easy-to-follow methods to help you print the Google document and all its comments!

Can you print a Google Doc with comments?

Can you print Google Doc with comments?
Can you print Google Doc with comments?

With Google Docs, sharing documents is easy, and you can let others leave comments. Printing the document with comments is useful when you want others to review the required changes and read feedback. But Google Docs doesn’t have a feature to print with comments directly.

Don’t worry! You can use easy ways to print your document and with the comments with some workarounds discussed below.

1. Capture the page as a screenshot and print

Capture the page as a screenshot and print

You can take a screenshot of the whole document page and then print it as a photo. This way is straightforward but doesn’t give you many options and has some limits.

For example, the text might not be as clear, and you can’t change the size easily. But, if you need a quick way to print the document with comments, taking a screenshot can be a handy option.

2. Export the Google Doc to Microsoft Word

Do you want to print a Google Doc with comments easily? First, turn it into a Word (.docx) file. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Google Doc and click “File” in the top menu.
    Click File at the top left corner
    Click File
  2. Click Download, then select Microsoft Word (.docx). Save it on your computer.
    Click Download then select Microsoft Word
    Click Download then select Microsoft Word
  3. Open the Word file from the “Downloads” folder.
    Open the Word file
    Open the Word file
  4. When you open the file in Microsoft Word, you’ll see that the comments are included.
    When you open the file in Microsoft Word youll see that the comments are included
    All comments are visible and can be printed

If you don’t see the comments, Click Review on the top, click Comments, then Show Comments.

Now, you’re ready to print. Just give MS Word a print command either by pressing Ctrl+P or selecting the Print option by clicking the File menu. You will see all the comments in the print preview.

Comments visible in preview

If comments aren’t in the preview, click Print All Pages under Settings and pick Print Markup. The comments will now show on your printed pages.

3. Turn the Google Docs into a webpage

Follow these simple steps to convert your Google Doc into a webpage for printing purposes.

  1. Click on “File.”
    Click on File
    Click on File
  2. Then hit “Download” and choose the “Webpage format,” which is (.html).
    Then hit Download and choose the webpage format which is html
    Choose the webpage format
  3. The webpage downloads as a zip. Unzip the File. Open the HTML file with the browser you like.
    The webpage downloads as a zip Unzip the File Open the HTML file with the browser you like
    Open the HTML file
  4. If you use Chrome, printing is easy. Click the three dots, click Print, or press “CTRL+ P” on your keyboard.
    If you use Chrome printing is easy Click the three dots click Print or press CTRL P on your keyboard
    Print it directly from browser 

Note: You will find the comments at the end of the file.

4. Utilizing Chrome extensions for comment printing

Chrome extensions like GoFullPage make printing Google Docs with comments easy. Extensions like this add more useful features to Google Docs without changing or moving files, making things smoother for you.

GoFullPage is a handy Chrome extension that lets you capture pictures of whole pages. Here’s how you can utilize it in our case:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and click “Add to Chrome” for GoFullPage.
    Visit the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome for GoFullPage
    Add the extension
  2. Once the extension is added and setup, open the Google Document you wish to capture. Look for and click on the “Full Page Screen Capture” icon, which is now in your toolbar.
    Look for and click on the Full Page Screen Capture icon which is now in your toolbar
    Click on the Full Page Screen Capture icon 
  3. The extension will screenshot your entire document, including all the content and comments. You can save this image to your computer or print it.
    You can save this image to your computer or print it by clicking Ctrl P immediately
    Download or print the file easily

How to print Google Doc with comments on mobile?

How to print Google Doc with comments on mobile?

You can quickly screenshot Google Docs on a mobile device by pressing specific button combinations and then print if connected to a compatible printer. Moreover, Google Docs also allows you to export as a Word file or webpage on mobile.

Open the exported File in apps like Microsoft Word for mobile or a browser to view comments. To print, utilize the app’s print options, ensuring your device is connected to a mobile-friendly or cloud-enabled printer.

Remember, the exact steps may vary slightly based on your phone’s operating system and the versions of the apps you’re using. Ensure you have the necessary apps installed and updated, and a printer compatible with mobile devices.

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Final Thoughts

Printing Google Docs with comments is straightforward, whether on a computer or mobile. You can easily share or keep a printed record of collaborative feedback and comments from your documents using these simple methods.

Taking screenshots, saving as Word files or webpages, or employing helpful Chrome extensions, you’ve got options that fit your needs! With a little practice, these steps will quickly become second nature. Remember, having the right apps and a compatible printer is key.

Now, you’re set to effortlessly print your essential documents and all the comments, making your collaborative work and review process smoother and more efficient.

Google Doc with Comments - FAQs

How do I add a comment to a Google Doc?

Click “Insert” at the top, then pick “Comment” to leave a comment. Type what you want in the box, and press “Post.” Your comment will show up on the side for others to see. You can simply select the text or place to put the comment, right-click, and choose the “Comment” option from the list.

How do I view comments in a Google Doc?

Click “View” at the top and select “Show Comment”. You’ll see all the comments on the right side of the document. Click on any comment to read or respond.

Can I print directly from Google Docs?

Yes, you can print straight from Google Docs. Just click on File, then Print, or press Ctrl+P on your keyboard.


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