How to Fix Overwatch 2 Login Error “Failed to connect to Game Server”

Overwatch 2 Login error might occur for a number of reasons but mainly due to the high number of people trying to connect at once. Since Overwatch 2 just came out as a BETA version it is expected that this error will persist until it is fixed from the server-side.

How to fix the Overwatch Login error fix

What causes Overwatch login error

Even though the known and prominent cause is from the server side there are still a few issues that can be solved from the client side. We found the following to be the chief responsible for the error at hand:

  • Unstable Internet Connection- An unstable internet Connection might be the reason why you are facing such an error, to ensure it is not your internet interfering with the process we will be performing some really easy-to-follow procedures
  • Unreliable Connection to the server- An unreliable Connection can be a major reason why you are facing such an error. To rectify this problem we are going to port forward and try to establish a better connection to the server.
  • Offline Servers- Since the game is still in the BETA mode it is expected for servers to go under maintenance period. To ensure that it is indeed an issue with the server’s unavailability we will follow some procedures to find out.
  • Bad Cache- Cache can go bad after a while, Cache is the fastest medium of storage as it directly stores data on the CPU, Cache must be deleted after a while in games as they update quite frequently making the previously cached data take up unnecessary resources. 
  • Blacklisted From Antivirus-  Another Culprit in you facing this error can be windows defender or another third-party antivirus not allowing bandwidth to travel out of your network. This can be pretty easily fixed by whitelisting Overwatch in windows Defender.

1. Check Servers Availability

Checking servers’ availability will help us identify if the problem is from the user’s side or from the overwatch’s server-side, If the servers are offline there is not much a user can do besides waiting until the servers are online. In order to check servers availability follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click here to visit Downdetector.
  2. Once on the website, Type “Overwatch” in the search box.
    Checking  server availability
  3. Hit enter or click on the search icon.
    Checking servers availability 

    If the servers are online there is not much we can do about it besides waiting until the servers are back online. If not continue to the next step,

2. Restart Router

Rebooting or restarting your router turns off all components which in return clears cache data stored on it. Another responsibility of the router is to connect the user to the best know path and restart the router reconfigure and find the best possible path. You can restart your router physically or through the graphical interface, you can access it by a device connected to it. To reset the router follow the following steps:

  1. Press the Windows key
  2. Type CMD in the search box and run it as an administrator.
    Running cmd as an administrator
  3. In the Command Prompt Terminal type in “Ipconfig” and hit enter.
    opening ipconfig in cmd
  4. Copy the IP address in the Default Gateway box.
    finding default gateway in command terminal
  5. Paste the Copied IP address in any browser’s search box.
  6. Input your router’s credentials written on the back of your router
    logging in to router panel

    The router’s interface depends on the manufacturer, try to find similarities between this interface and your interface. Remember all of them have the same functionalities just different Visual interfaces.

  7. Click on Management & Diagnosis.

    Rebooting Router
  8. On the left panel Click on system management and Click on Reboot.
    Rebooting Router

Wait a while until the reboot process finishes up, Newer routers take less time to boot back up, while the router is restarting you will have no access to the internet so do not panic. Once the router has restarted try launching overwatch if the problem persists continue to the next step.

3. Whitelist Overwatch

By white listing overwatch you allow the files to execute without any interference from your antivirus. This interference can be annoying as sometimes it does not allow bandwidth to travel out of the network. Follow these steps to allow the game executable file to access your Third-party or Windows Defender antivirus

  1. Press Windows key
  2. Type windows security in the search box and hit enter.
    Whitelisting Game Files
  3. Click on Virus and Threat Protection.
  4. Scroll Down, Click on Ransom-ware Protection.
    Allow the Game Exe file to the antivirus Program
  5. Toggle the controlled folder access button to on by click on it.
  6. Now Click on “Allow an app through Controlled folder access
    Allow an app through Controlled folder access
  7. Click on add an Allowed app and click on browse all apps.
    Click on add an Allowed app and click on browse all apps.
  8. Now head on over to the game folder.
  9. Click on the executable file
  10. Repeat the process and select the “Overwatch.exe file

Try relaunching overwatch now as the above-mentioned steps have given overwatch privileges to windows defender. We have only used Windows Defender for Demonstration purposes if you have a third-party antivirus you have to whitelist the game accordingly.

3.  Port forward Overwatch

Port forward allows users to establish a connection that is faster and more secure allowing us to enjoy an overall good gaming experience. Port forwarding can be done in a plethora of ways you can do that from your router’s interface or use third-party applications that automate this process
Follow the below-mentioned steps to Port Forward Overwatch to make it establish a safer and more stable connection to the server.

  1. Open Your Router’s interface using the IP written on the back of it
  2. In the interface locate port forwarding. In our case, it was under application settings.
  3. In the Protocol section select UDP.

    portforwarding overwatch
  4. Fill the LAN PORT boxes according to the image given below.
    Port forwarding overwatch
  5. Click on ADD to save changes.

    Port forwarding overwatch
  6. Again, In the Protocol section select UDP.

    Port forwarding overwatch


  7. Fill the LAN PORT boxes according to the image given below
    port forwarding overwatch
  8. Click on ADD and apply changes.

Exit from the browser and try relaunching the game if the problem persists continue to the next solution.

4. Clear Cache

The cache is a storage type and is used in gaming to provide a fast transfer of data as it is necessary for a faster medium of storage in games as Quality of service matters in gaming more than other processes. Cache files are saved and go bad after a while due to gaming being an ever-developing field of tech. We’ll be clearing the cache which might help us in solving this problem. To clear Cache of follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Before Deleting Cache Make sure that blizzard is not running in the background.
  2. Right-click on the taskbar and open task manager.
  3. In the Processes tab locate agent.exe or blizzardupdateagent.exe if found simply end the task.
    Ensuring Closure of Blizzard
  4. Now that we have ensured that the blizzard is not running in the background, press Windows  + R  to open the Run dialog box.
  5. In the text box type %programdata%.
  6. A folder will open, Locate the folder Blizzard Entertainment.
  7. Delete this folder.
    Clearing Cache

Now that cache is cleared, open and try playing overwatch if you still continue to face the error it is advised to wait and try just reconnecting to the game repeatedly since the game is in beta it is not stable


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