Games Recruitment Firm OPM Shuts Down After 26 Years

One Player Mission (OPM), a prominent UK-based games recruitment agency, is set to close its doors after 26 years of operation, impacting the livelihoods of its 15 employees. The decision comes in response to a challenging environment in the games industry, marked by a significant decline in available roles and a notable surge in job-seeking candidates.

Managing Director Kim Parker-Adcock cited the current state of the games industry as the primary reason for the closure, expressing skepticism about OPM’s ability to maintain profitability in these conditions. Over the past 12 months, the sector has witnessed a sharp increase in layoffs, with more than 10,000 professionals in the games industry losing their jobs.

Despite expectations for a rebound in the games industry, industry leaders caution that a complete recovery might take up to two years. This prolonged timeline reflects the intricate challenges faced by the sector, which include the evolving dynamics of game development, market trends, and the impact of external factors.

In a message posted on OPM’s official website, Parker-Adcock acknowledged the difficulty of the decision, stating, 

After careful consideration and evaluation, it is with great sadness that I must announce my decision to cease trading – Despite our best efforts, I cannot see how OPM can remain profitable and overcome the difficulties that have arisen in the games industry as we move into 2024.”

The announcement acknowledges the ripple effect of the closure on OPM’s employees, clients, candidates, and partners. Parker-Adcock expressed her regret and apologized for any disruption this decision might cause.

The management team at OPM is committed to facilitating a smooth transition during this challenging period and is poised to offer assistance and information to employees, clients, and partners affected by the closure.

As the games industry navigates through this period of uncertainty, the closure of OPM serves as a stark reminder of the broader challenges faced by companies operating in this dynamic and evolving sector. The impact of these changes resonates not only within the walls of OPM but reverberates across the entire games industry, prompting stakeholders to consider adaptive strategies for the future.

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Abdullah Amin

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