How to Fix “Error Code 0x8004e4a2” on OneDrive?

Recently, there have been several complaints by the users that they are unable to sign into their OneDrive account on the OneDrive application on Windows. When they attempt to do so, the application displays the error code 0x8004e4a2. Apparently, this issue only occurs with specific accounts, which is slightly bizarre.

We had a look into this issue and discovered that it can be caused due a number of reasons including unstable internet connection, proxy, third-party antivirus programs, and issues within the OneDrive application itself. Whatever the reason might be, the troubleshooting methods listed below will help you fix the issue. Proceed with the one that suits your situation the best.

Check Your Internet Connection

If your screen is displaying the error code 0x8004e4a2 upon your attempt to sign into OneDrive, then the first thing that you need to do is check if you have a stable internet connection. 

If you are using Wi-Fi, check if the same connection is working fine on your other devices like your mobile phone. You can also try restarting the router and then logging into OneDrive. If you use a wired connection, make sure that the cables are connected properly and your ports are working correctly. You can try switching the ports as well if you are unsure. 

Disable Proxy

Proxy servers are gateways between you and the internet. The server acts as an intermediary between end users and the websites they browse. Proxy means acting on behalf of another person, and proxy servers act on the behalf of the users.

All the requests to access anything related to the internet to the proxy first. It then evaluates those requests and if deemed appropriate, sends those requests to the internet. However, there are times when the proxy server prevents legitimate processes from accessing the internet, hence issues like the one at hand. 

If you are using a proxy server, follow the steps mentioned below to disable it. If you are unsure whether you are using it or not, you can also follow the steps below to check:

  1. Press Windows + R keys together on your keyboard to open a Run dialog box.
  2. Inside the text field of the dialog box, type inetcpl.cpl and hit Enter.

    Open up the Internet Options screen
  3. In the Internet Properties dialog, head over to the Connections tab.
  4. Click on the LAN settings button.

  5. Ensure that the box associated with Automatically detect settings is checkmarked.
  6. Uncheck the box for Use a proxy server for your LAN.

    Automatically Detect Settings
    Automatically Detect Settings
  7. Hit OK to save the changes.
  8. Once done, restart your PC and check if the error 0x8004e4a2 is resolved.

Uninstall Third-Party Antivirus

While third-party antivirus programs and Windows Defender are essential to protect your PC from malware and all kinds of viruses, they can sometimes bring in issues too. There are times when over-protective antivirus programs block the processes of Windows programs because of mere false alarms, causing issues like the one at hand. 

The solution to this is simple, as all that you need to do is disable your antivirus program temporarily. If doing so solves the problem, then we recommend you uninstall that particular program and switch to a better alternative. 

If you are not sure about which antivirus program to switch to, head over to our guide about the best antivirus programs for Windows 10.

Here is how you can uninstall your third-party antivirus:

  1. Open a Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys together.
  2. Inside the text field of the dialog box, type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter.

    Open up the Programs and Features menu
  3. Once you are inside the Control Panel window, locate your antivirus program and right-click on it.
  4. Select Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

    Uninstalling the 3rd party antivirus
  5. After the program is uninstalled, restart your PC. Upon reboot, check if the 0x8004e4a2 issue is resolved.

Reset Winsock

The Winsock programmable interface and supporting program manages all inputs and outputs for Internet applications in Microsoft Windows. If you are having issues with connecting applications to the internet, resetting Winsock can help you. Winsock configurations made in Windows will be undone by resetting Winsock.

Here is all that you need to do:

  1. Type cmd in the search area of your taskbar and click on Run as administrator to launch elevated Command Prompt.
  2. Once you are inside the Command Prompt window, type ‘netsh winsock reset catalog’ and hit Enter.

    Execute command to reset Winsock


  3. After Command Prompt executes the command, restart your PC.

Reset OneDrive Application

There is also a chance a corruption error or a bug has infected your OneDrive application, making it unable to respond to requests. In such cases, resetting the application is the best way to resolve the issue. Doing so will revert the application to its original, default state. 

During the process, your saved data will not be affected but you are likely to lose your saved preferences and a few of the custom settings. 

Here is how you can reset the OneDrive application on your Windows:

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon on your taskbar and select Run from the context menu.

    Open the Run Command Box from the Quick Access Menu
  2. Inside the text field of the Run dialog, type ‘%localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive.exe /reset’ and hit Enter. This command should reset the application.

    Reset OneDrive
  3. Once done, restart your PC.
  4. Upon reboot, launch Run again and this time, type ‘%localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive.exe’ in the text field.

    Launch OneDrive
  5. Hit Enter to execute it. Executing it will launch OneDrive and hopefully, you will be able to login without facing the error code 0x8004e4a2.

Reinstall OneDrive

If the error code 0x8004e4a2 persists even after resetting the application, then you might be facing the problem due to OneDrive’s corrupt installation on your Windows operating system. If this scenario is applicable, then we encourage you to go ahead and try reinstalling OneDrive as the last resort. 

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Type Apps & features in the search area of the taskbar and click Open.
  2. In the newly launched window, move to the right pane and locate OneDrive.
  3. Click on it and hit the Uninstall button.

    Uninstalling the OneDrive
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the process.
  5. Once done, download and install the latest version of OneDrive on your Windows. 
  6. Finally, try logging in again and check if the problem is resolved. 

If it is not, then you might want to try resetting your Windows. If a bug or corruption error within Windows is causing the error code 0x8004e4a2, resetting the OS should do the trick for you.


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