SOLVED: Mouse Settings Reset by itself on Windows 10

Mouse settings resetting after every restart is a common bug in Windows 10. You may find that after downloading and upgrading your Windows system to Windows 10, the mouse works in an unusual manner. For instance, you may have the mouse scroll running backwards, slower/quicker speeds than your preferred mode, etc. After changing the mouse settings, everything turns out ok…for a while. Once you restart your PC it is back to square one with your default mouse settings. After so many restarts it will suddenly seem like a good idea to keep your PC on forever just so you could keep your mouse settings intact. Naturally, Windows 10 will work on a patch to fix bugs…but until then you can take things into your own hand and sort it out yourself.

Before trying out one of the methods below to fix the mouse issue, you can try disabling reverse scrolling to see if it holds the settings. Click Start and choose Settings. Select Devices, and then go to mouse and touchpad. Click the on/off button to turn off “enable reverse scrolling direction”. Close the window settings and restart your PC. If your mouse still reverts to the irksome defaults, then it is time to try the methods below.

Option 1: Changing Synaptics settings in the registry

If you have a Synaptics TouchPad – Log into your PC as an administrator. Go to “Run” and type regedit.exe. This command will take you to the registry editor.

On the left hand side, unfold the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. Again, unfold the SOFTWARE folder underneath it and then locate the “Synaptics” Find the folder “SynTP”, unfold it and then click on the entry labeled “Install.”

On the right hand side of the window, find the entry “DeleteUserSettingsOnUpgrade”. If you can’t find it create a new one by right clicking on an empty space on the window and select NEW -> DWORD (32 bit value)

Double click on the “DeleteUserSettingsOnUpgrade” entry and change its value to 0.

Move out of the registry editor and then in the control panel change the Synaptics settings to your preference.

Reboot your computer.

windows 10 mouse resets

That’s it! You have done it. The mouse settings should not be an issue any more. There is a fat chance that the system kept “thinking” that you were doing an upgrade after every reboot and reverting to default Synaptics settings.

Option 2: Uninstalling the current driver/Replacing the driver

This option works depending on the model or brand of your computer. You may need to use an external mouse whilst performing these instructions. If you don’t have an external mouse:


Hold the Windows Key and Press X. Choose Device Manager. Under Device Manager, right click on the relevant Synaptics driver or ELAN or any other driver  which should be located under Mice and Other Pointing Devices and uninstall it. Make sure that you check the box that notifies you to “delete the driver software for this device”.

Just to be sure, in the Control Panel head on to Programs and Features and then uninstall the Synaptics

Here’s the important part: now connect to the internet and go to the manufacturer website of your system, search for the latest driver and download the latest Synaptics drivers available for the version of Windows 10 that you have (32 bit or 64 bit).

Restart the computer.

Install the newly downloaded drivers as per the instructions. If prompted to restart the PC again, do so and then confirm if the drivers are successfully installed by checking under Programs and Features.

Also check the driver under device manager and see if all the entries match the newly installed driver. If there is a mismatch, right click on the driver and select “Roll back changes”.

After rolling back changes you will be prompted whether you want to restart the PC now or later. Select Restart Later.

Option 3: If it’s an External Mouse

Take the USB Receiver out, and reboot PC. Once done, put the USB Receiver back in and test.

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SOLVED: Mouse Settings Reset by itself on Windows 10

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