How to use Mouse and Keyboard on PlayStation 4

Mouse and keyboard are the input devices for a computer. It provides easy and better performances than a controller of a PlayStation. However, you can also use a mouse and keyboard on PlayStation just as you can use a controller on PC. PlayStation supports the keyboard for several applications, as it is hard to type with a controller. In this article, we will show you the methods of connecting a mouse and keyboard to your PS4.

Using the mouse and keyboard on PlayStation 4.

How to Use Mouse and Keyboard on PlayStation 4?

Most keyboards and mice will work the same as they work on a normal PC. Normally, it will be a plug and play for any keyboard and mouse, but there are some rare cases where the user needs to pair the device to PS4. However, by directly connecting, you will only be able to play some of the games on PS4 and not all. That is because some games do not support mouse and keyboard. If a user wants to play all games on PS4 with mouse and keyboard, then they can use the adapters specially made for mouse and keyboard converting. It can convert the mouse and keyboard inputs into a controller output for the game to make it work.

1. Connecting Wired Mouse and Keyboard to PlayStation 4

Wired devices will require fewer steps to connect to your PlayStation. Most of the wired mouse and keyboard will not require the pairing and connect directly as plug and play. It works the same as connecting a controller to your PlayStation.

  1. Sign in to your PS4. Plug-in your mouse and keyboard to PS4 USB ports.
    Note: You can use a USB hub to connect multiple devices because PS4 has only 2 slots.

    Plug-in mouse and keyboard in PS4 USB ports.
  2. Wait for 5 seconds to get the notification on screen for connecting. It will start working right away.
    Note: It may ask for who is using the device. Choose the profile that you want to use the device for.

    Notification for the connected devices.
  3. Some keyboards will require the pairing keys to be pressed before it works depending on the keyboard.
  4. You can also check the Settings for your keyboard. Press the PS button on the controller, then press the UP button. Now open Settings and choose Devices. You can find External Keyboard there to check settings for it.
    Opening external keyboard settings for modifications.

2. Pairing Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to PlayStation 4

The pairing of the device will connect it to your PS4 for use. Most controllers on PS4 already work wirelessly. You can add the mouse and keyboard the same way as controllers to make it work. Some wireless devices like Headphone, Controller, Keyboard, and Mouse also use Bluetooth to connect to PS4.

Important: Make sure your wireless devices are turned on.

  1. Connect your wireless dongle receiver unifying USB adapters for mouse and keyboard to PS4.
    Note: You can use the USB hub to connect multiple devices because PS4 just has two USB ports.

    Connecting wireless USB dongle to USB ports.
  2. PS4 will recognize the mouse and keyboard within 30 seconds and show the notification on your screen. It will be ready to work right away.
  3. If you are using a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, you need to pair it to your PS4.
  4. Press the PS button on the Controller. Press the UP button and go to Settings, then select Devices option. Open Bluetooth Devices and you will find your device there, select your device to use.
    Finding your device in the Bluetooth devices list.

    Note: You need to put your device in pairing mode to find it in the list.


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