Moore Threads Releases New Driver Enabling Support for Various DX11 Titles on S70/S80 Lineup of GPUs

Chinese manufacturer ‘Moore Threads‘ stepped into the discrete GPU market just last year. The company has received a lot of acclaim and criticism after public testing of its renowned MTT S80 GPU. It should be noted that these reviews were not officially endorsed by the company itself. In any case, despite the lackluster driver support initially, Moore Threads has remained on track and released a driver supporting a plethora of DX11 Titles.

New DX11 Titles & DisplayPort DSC Support

Starting off with the newly supported games first. The new drivers support the MTT S70/S80 lineup of GPUs. It should be noted that the MTT S70 is actually a new GPU which released just a few weeks back. It is a slightly cut-down variant of its older brother.

Furthermore, it features a slightly unorthodox configuration having 7GB of G6 memory over a 224-bit memory bus. Now, let’s talk about the new driver. The driver v222.31.0.1 adds support for the following titles:

  • Genshin Impact
  • Valorant
  • Lost Ark
  • Dyson Sphere Program
  • Crysis 3

Additionally, these new drivers enable support for DisplayPort DSC (Display Stream Compression) for a 4K 144Hz experience. Moreover, the S70/S80 have also received support for MST (Multi-Stream Transport), through which multiple displays can be powered by a single DisplayPort cable.

S70/S80 New Driver | Moore Threads
  • DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (MST) support
  • Display Stream Compression (DSC) support, allowing for a 144Hz refresh rate at 3840 × 2160 resolution
  • Support for DirectX 11, DirectX graphics performance is further optimized
  • Improved driver efficiency and stability


This is a good move by Moore Threads as all hardware devices require good software in order to be utilized properly. In the end, it is the customers who end up benefitting from such updates. It won’t be long until China becomes a serious competitor in the GPU market. We cannot wait for reviewers to put these new drivers to the test and see the performance gains.

Source: Moore Threads


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