Intel Meteor Lake 16-Core ‘Ultra 7 1002H’ Reaches Desktop Ryzen 9 5950X Territory

As we creep closer to Intel’s Innovation Event next week, the frequency of leaks will only increase. Over at Geekbench, a 16-Core Meteor Lake CPU named ‘Ultra 7 1002H‘ has been tested.

Owing to Intel’s ambiguous naming scheme, it is hard to make out the predecessor of this CPU so we may make a comparison. Nonetheless, it outclasses AMD’s Zen3-desktop warrior, the Ryzen 9 5950X whilst consuming a fraction of the power.

Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 1002H Tested in Geekbench

Just a week ago, we saw the Core Ultra 7 155H in action. Both CPUs come under the same Ultra 7 umbrella, though the performance difference is drastic. What’s even more unusual is that both CPUs have the same core/thread counts.

In any case, today’s leak revolves around the Ultra 7 1002H, packing 16 cores and 22 threads. The 16-cores are divided into 6 P-Cores (12T), 8 E-Cores (8T), and 2 LPE (Low Power Efficient) Cores (2T). The CPU was tested using an Intel Corporation Meteor Lake Client platform. Therefore, this benchmark might be for validation or testing purposes.

The benchmark was conducted using Windows 11’sBalanced‘ power preset. The CPU is rated at a maximum frequency of 5GHz, which is quite impressive and complies with initial rumors. The CPU has a base clock of 3.4GHz, modest for its kind.

Intel Meteor Lake CPU Test Platform & Specs | Geekbench

In Geekbench6, the Core Ultra 7 1002H scores 2439 points single-core wise and 12668 points in the multi-core department. This puts it ahead of the Ryzen 9 5950X (Desktop) by a small margin.

Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 1002H Geekbench6 Performance | Geekbench

On comparing it with other CPUs, the Ultra 7 1002H is slightly better than the Ryzen 7 7840H. It is important to note that we do see a slight regression against Raptor Lake, though that can be blamed at an early CPU stage.

Core Ultra 1002H vs Other CPUs | Appuals via Geekbench

Release Date

Meteor Lake should be announced by Intel at its upcoming Innovation Event. Moreover, we can expect the company to give us a release date. Intel will unveil the 14th Generation of CPUs for desktop at the same event.

Source: Geekbench


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