Intel Meteor Lake Clocks at 4.8GHz (22W), Xe-LPG iGPU Leaked to be 13% Faster Than AMD’s Radeon 780M

We have received some leaks regarding Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs set to launch next month possibly. As per the rumored information, Meteor Lake samples can clock as high as 4.8GHz at just 22W of power. Similarly, the acclaimed Xe-based iGPU is 13% faster than AMD’s RDNA3 Radeon 780M.

Intel Meteor Lake ‘Redwood Cove’ at 4.8GHz

Meteor Lake will boast a new architecture for performance and the efficient cores. The P-Cores will be based on Redwood Cove (RWC) architecture, whereas the E-Cores will be based on the Crestmont architecture.

The CPUs will be built using Intel’s bleeding-edge 4nm process termed ‘Intel 4‘. There was a lot of talk regarding clock regression given how Meteor Lake is an efficiency-focused design. At first, it was thought Meteor Lake would clock lower than 5GHz, resulting in a significant performance penalty.

However, hardware leaker Xino (In a now deleted tweet) confirms that Meteor Lake CPUs can go as high as 4.8GHz at just 22W of power. The CPU was stressed in Cinebench R23 and the performance cores were seen reaching almost 5GHz. Since Meteor Lake is a mobile-only platform, this is a very impressive feat to achieve.

We should mention that this is not the first time we’ve heard regarding MTL’s clock speeds. Just a few weeks ago, the high-end Core Ultra 9 (i9 Meteor Lake) CPUs clocked higher than 5GHz. You can read more about that here. Today’s leak reaffirms this leak and confirms that Meteor Lake should cross 5GHz at remarkably low TDPs.

Meteor Lake ‘Xe-LPG’ iGPU

Meteor Lake’s iGPU is based on the Xe-LPG architecture, the successor to Xe-LP featured on Tiger Lake, Alder Lake, and Raptor Lake (Mobile). The maximum configuration goes up to 128 Execution Units or 1024 FP32 Units. Clocked at 2.2GHz, Meteor Lake’s iGPU is able to achieve 4.5 TFLOPs of performance with these specs.

Meteor Lake iGPU Performance | Deleted Tweet (Cropped) by Xino

The same leaker, Xino (in a deleted tweet) shared some information regarding Meteor Lake’s iGPU a few days back. Allegedly, the 128 EU configuration can score 3400 points in 3DMark TimeSpy. The entire APU was limited to 28W of power, putting these CPUs 13% faster than AMD’s current Radeon 780M which scores roughly 3000 points.


Overall, Meteor Lake is shaping up to be a very important architecture for Intel. Despite the initial setbacks, Meteor Lake is back on track and should be announced next month. Still, we should wait for Intel’s announcement in case of any last minute adjustments.

CPU GenerationCodenameTDP RangeProcess NodePerformance Core MicroarchitectureEfficient Core MicroarchitectureArchitectureRelease DateCores/ThreadsSocketMemory Support
13th GenerationRaptor Lake (RPL)35W-125WIntel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontHybrid (Dual Core)Launched24/32LGA 1700DDR4-3200, DDR5-5600
14th GenerationRaptor Lake Refresh-S/HX (RPL-R)55W-125WIntel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontHybrid (Dual Core)Yet to Launch24/32LGA 1700 / Mobile PlatformDDR5-6400
14th Generation (1st Gen Core)Raptor Lake U (RPL-U)~25W?Intel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontHybrid (Dual Core)Yet to Launch?/?Mobile Platform
14th Generation (1st Gen Core Ultra)Meteor Lake (MTL)?/?Intel 4 (7nm)Redwood CoveCrestmontHybrid (Triple Core)Yet to Launch?/?Mobile PlatformLPDDR5x-7500
15th GenerationArrow Lake (ARL)35W-125WIntel 20A (2nm)/TSMC 3nmLion CoveSkymontHybrid (Quad Core)Q4 2440/40?LGA 1851
15th Generation MobileLunar Lake (LNL)18ALion Cove+Skymont2024+8/-
16th Generation MobilePanther Lake (PNL)18A?Cougar CoveSkymont/Darkmont2024/25
17th GenerationNova Lake14A?Royal Cove2026LGA 1851
18th GenerationBeast Lake10A???2027?36?

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