MatPat Says Goodbye to YouTube After 13 Years of Cooking Up Video Game Theories

Matthew Patrick, better known as MatPat has announced that he will be stepping away from his hugely popular YouTube channel, The Game Theorists.

The Game Theorists was created way back in 2009 when Matthew and his wife, Steph, set out to explore the science, logic, and theory behind certain video games. Over the years, the channel has gained over 18.5M subscribers, and now, on the channel’s 666th video titled “Goodbye Internet,” MatPat has announced that he will indeed be stepping down.

The creator announced that his final theory episode will air on March 9th, and the channels will be handed off to someone else. Matthew will continue to work behind the scenes, and the main reason for stepping back is to spend more time with his family. MatPat reflected on how he and his wife Steph had prioritized work for over a decade, and now he wants to shift his focus to his family.

I don’t love the fact that Steph and I have been work-first for over a decade … I miss the days where I could just sit down on the couch with her and play video games and it’s not for content.

Matthew Patrick in his video titled “Goodbye Internet”

The Reasons for Retiring & “Matt’s Final Theory”

MatPat says that he’s been planning on announcing his farewell for well over the past few years. He admits that the wear and tear of content creation, particularly the demands of writing and research, have been taking their toll. Therefore, he’s decided to hand down the reins of The Game Theorists, along with its spin-offs like Film Theorists, Food Theorists, and Style Theorists, to four trusted members of his team.

Matthew explains how his role in content creation had been diminishing over the past few years

From a financial standpoint, MatPat secured the channel’s future by selling it to LunarX, a U.K.-based startup. For the next two months, he will keep creating content, leading up to a grand finale titled “Matt’s Final Theory” on March 9th. This special episode will mark the culmination of his time on The Game Theorists.

To end, Matthew says he wants to end on a “high note,” not fading into the unknown, like some of the other creators,

For me, and my journey in this place, I always wanted to go out on a high note, and when you stop and look at the last year, this has been the best year in the Theorist lifespan, no joke.

Matthew on his farewell from The Game Theorists

With Matthew departing from The Game Theorists after over a decade, one thing is for sure—TGT will never be the same.


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